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Drunk or not, that was one of Karl’s best performances

You’ve probably heard the news about Karl Stefanovic on the Today show on Monday morning. Following on from a late night at the Logies, Karl had his usual early start on the Today show, but was somewhat more happy and spontaneous than usual, prompting speculation that he was drunk at the time.

Having watched both the Today Tonight story, and further raw footage over at, I have to say that I believe Karl’s statement that he was not drunk, merely tired, as I don’t think there was enough slurring for him to be drunk…in fact I’m finding it hard to find any slurring.

Perhaps Karl downed a dozen cups of coffee…regardless of the cause, I thought Karl’s performance was well above his normal standard, and is well worth repeating, even if slightly toned down. Happy and spontaneous Karl is much more interesting than normal Karl, especially at 6am. have some raw footage at but I can’t find a way to embed it here.


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Another week in Deniliquin

I’ll be in Deniliquin from May 18 to May 22, although I dare say that transport is going to be interesting seeing as I’m car-less at the moment (although being car-less does have its advantages…one of them being that I get to invoke my passion for ranting about buses).

You can expect some news headlines from Deniliquin, Echuca and surrounds to to appear here over the course of that week, much like they did last time, although what else I will do with this blog during that week remains a mystery, much like what I’ll do when I come back to Canberra, but such is life I suppose.

I have enjoyed working with James Scott on the 1WAY FM breakfast show this week so I will consider, if James is interested, turning that into a more permanent arrangement, although if I do that, then I doubt that I will continue doing the morning show as well…it’s just too draining spending five hours (give or take half an hour) on the air and then spending more time producing the show for the next day, especially when I’m doing it on a voluntary (read: unpaid) basis.

I wonder if anyone has noticed that my quiz questions mostly come from me hitting the “random article” link on Wikipedia over and over until I find an article from which I can form an interesting question. Today’s questions “Bayble Island in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland is actually two islands, so why is it referred to as a single island?” and “who is the Prime Minister of Poland?” might have been a bit of a giveaway on that front.

Tired, rambling and having trouble spelling, time for bed I think.


May 7th, 2009 at 07:38pm

Two years just isn’t long enough

Regardless of what you think of our elected leaders, threatening (or worse) to kill them just isn’t on, as Timothy Ryan Gutierrez just found out:

A Texas man has pleaded guilty to threatening to kill President Barack Obama and blow up the Mall of America in Minneapolis.

Timothy Ryan Gutierrez pleaded guilty on Monday to a charge of making threats by e-mail. In exchange for his plea, prosecutors have dropped a charge of threatening to use an explosive.

His attorney says the 21-year-old Gutierrez could face up to a year and a half in prison when he is sentenced July 31.

The total time in jail could add up to about two years if he receives the full sentence as he has been in custody since January, but I just don’t think it’s long enough to act as a proper deterrent.

Like them or loathe them, our elected officials need to be protected from these nutcases in order to maintain some sense of democracy, and to protect the people who have the courage to actually go through with the whole “standing for election and doing the job of running the country” thing. Personally, I’d say this should receive a five year sentence at a minimum.

On another note, I wasn’t aware that “threatening to use an explosive” is a criminal act unto itself. Surely there has to be some malice involved for it to be a criminal offence? Otherwise wouldn’t a lot of our miners be criminals?

I’m too tired to work that one out right now, so if anybody would like to clarify it for me, that would be wonderful.


May 7th, 2009 at 07:14pm

This has been a mixed day so far

At this moment I find myself stuck in a bind waiting to hear back about a job application…I should hear back today, and if I get the job then I will have some ongoing employment which should fit around a study schedule later in the year (update: this just turned in to a newly invented second round of interviews, which delays my answer on the following sentence end update. On the other hand, 2QN just asked me to come back for a week…I can’t do both, and I can’t answer 2QN until I hear back from the job application.

I’ve also been accused being somebody that I’m not today, which was interesting, but not amusing.

The fact that I’m physically drained and tired doesn’t help things.

On the bright side, the 1WAY FM shows have been going well, and I’ve received some very good feedback today.

Let’s see where the rest of the day goes.


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Why do ACTION drivers have specific buses

Is it time that ACTION bus drivers stopped being allocated shift buses and took whatever bus was available?

For the last few days, the bus which I catch in to 1WAY FM in the morning has been late, this morning by ten minutes…and why was it late? Because the driver had to move six other buses at the depot in order to pick up his preferred bus. (After I mentioned this on-air, we received a call from an ACTION driver claiming that the other driver was fibbing, as there is only ever a need to move one bus in order for drivers to get to their own bus. This doesn’t alter the validity of my point though.)

Now I can understand if his shift had required him to pick up a bus with a bike rack, but that was not the case, and with ACTION progressively rolling out bike racks to all buses, surely it’s time for the days of the designated shift bus to come to an end.

Drivers may protest, and understandably, considering that many drivers become quite attached to the characteristics of their particular bus…but they get assigned a different bus just about every time there’s a minor change to the timetables anyway, so as far as I’m concerned, it’s time that ACTION start treating the buses as public property, and not the property of individual drivers, and make drivers take whatever suitable bus is available, in an effort to keep services running on time, and improve the overall quality of the service.

And who knows…perhaps if the buses were on time, more people might catch them? Jon Stanhope, are you listening?


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Interview with ACT Treasurer Katy Gallagher

I spoke with ACT Treasurer and Deputy Chief Minister Katy Gallagher about the ACT budget on the 1WAY FM morning show today, and the interview is now on the 1WAY FM Interviews podcast feed.

The interview can also be heard below.

Download MP3


May 7th, 2009 at 11:40am

On today’s 1WAY FM morning show

ACT Treasurer and Deputy Chief Minister Katy Gallagher at 9:20 to talk about the ACT budget.
More on the ACT Infrastructure Tax being passed on to customers by Telstra.
The spammers are adapting their messages for the rising unemployment levels.
Maritz baked yesterday’s food with a slight modification…and some sentence which doesn’t make any sense.
A quiz or two.
And more.

The 1WAY FM morning show: 9am-11:30am on Canberra’s 91.9 and 94.3, 1WAY FM.


May 7th, 2009 at 08:00am


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