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The ad I couldn’t work out from the music

Back in late December I noted that a song had been playing on the PA system in the IGA in Deniliquin and that until then I didn’t realise that it was actually a song, as I had only heard the bed from the song used as a bed for an ad, but I couldn’t remember who the advertiser was. This bugged me for weeks, until mid-February when I was upstairs and I heard the music on the television downstairs, so I ran down the stairs (nearly tripping over Nattie on the way) and caught the tail end of the ad.

The song, as you may recall, was In Grid’s You Promised Me

And I’m pleased to be able to say that the advertiser is Michael Hill Jeweller.

I’m even more pleased to say, given my current financial position, that I was not subconsciously forced to buy stuff from Michael Hill Jeweller…or maybe I was and that’s where the money went. Hmmm.


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Samuel’s Blog Weekly Poll: Canberra International Airport

…”where the big jet engines roar“. Oh, sorry, that’s LA International Airport. Still, seeing as my editorial on the matter is now delayed until some time over the next few days, you can probably put up with one sentence of confused textual singing from me.

Do you support Canberra Airport’s expansion to a full international airport?

Total Votes: 31
Started: April 9, 2009

The question should be fairly self explanatory, although if you want to see the news articles about the upgrades, see here and here.

The results from last week’s poll are as follows:

Is it acceptable for the Prime Minister to verbally abuse an air hostess?

Total Votes: 12
Started: April 3, 2009

No real surprises there, especially considering that from a legal standpoint, similar behaviour from any of us would see a nice policeman waiting for us at the next stop.

Results from previous polls can be viewed at


April 9th, 2009 at 01:15pm

I did not know that Tim Tams are not sold in the US

Earlier this week I rang KXNT‘s Alan Stock when he was discussing research which claims that women find it harder to resist tempting food than men. I had to contradict the research with the fact that I ate an entire packet of Tim Tams in the space of about an hour on Sunday night without noticing.

My mention of Tim Tams was great with “a packet of what?”. They were short on time, so on the advice of Alan’s producer, I revised it to “a packet of chocolate cookies”. I was later stunned when I checked the Wikipedia article for Tim Tams and found that they are only sold in Australia, New Caledonia and New Zealand.

I have subsequently emailed the Wikipedia article to Alan, and have decided to use part of my stimulus payment to buy a packet of Tim Tams and post them to Alan and the crew at KXNT. I informed Alan of this in my email and he apparently discussed this on the air with his colleagues this morning (a segment which I regrettably missed) and they are all apparently looking forward to receiving the biscuits. As such (and I haven’t told Alan this) I think I’ll be generous and buy two packets for them. If they’re anything like me, they’ll need the second packet!

The Tim Tams will be my second voluntary use of my stimulus payment (which is yet to arrive), behind purchasing Mark Levin’s book “Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto” as I mentioned yesterday.


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Friday Funnies: Buying A Car

Metlink, Melbourne’s public transport corporation are a firm believer in global warming, and have produced a raft of ads aimed at convincing people to ditch “harmful” private vehicles in favour of public transport. I am at odds with their view on the matter of global warming, however I admire their creativity in producing their ads.

One of their ads from last year was about the (I’m sure they would agree, exaggerated) effects of buying a car. The ad was so amusing that I recorded a number of ad breaks on 3AW in an effort to capture this one ad. Enjoy!

Download MP3

And while we’re here, a bit of self-deprecating humour. Whilst recording the afternoon news headlines for AIR News on Tuesday, I just couldn’t get my tongue around a handful of sentences…oh, and I had a wrong figure in there too…see if you can find it.
Download MP3

The great joy of pre-recording is that I was able to correct the mistakes in a subsequent take. Normally if I have a tongue-tied moment in a pre-record (it happens every now and then) I either edit it out or re-record, however on this occasion I was amused by it, so I saved it for posterity.


April 9th, 2009 at 09:56am

Easter weekend arrangements

As I am going to be extremely busy with other commitments over the next few days, I’m making a few changes to the Easter weekend schedule for this blog.

Friday Funnies will be moved to today.
Samuel’s Musician(s) Of The Week will be moved to Monday.
The Weekly Poll will be published today.
Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday and Easter Monday will primarily consist of pre-written, scheduled content, mostly videos. I will use the weekend to try to clear the smallish backlog of stuff that I’ve been meaning to write about, but haven’t found the time to do so.

I will be around to reply to comments, but for the most part this blog will be in automation mode over the weekend. I will return to regular blogging on Tuesday, as I intend on relaxing on Monday after my nine days of busyness which wraps up with a climax of busyness on Sunday.

I wish you all a wonderful Easter weekend, and safe travels if you happen to be travelling.


April 9th, 2009 at 07:47am

Canberra Radio Ratings #1 for 2009

The full results are in:

1st: FM 104.7 20.5% (up from 17.4%)
2nd: 666 ABC Canberra 19.0% (up from 17.4%)
3rd: Mix 106.3 16.0% (down from 17.3%)
4th: Triple J 8.8% (down from 10.8%)
5th: ABC Classic FM 7.7% (down from 9.4%)
6th: ABC Radio National 6.9% (down from 7.6%)
7th: 1053 2CA 5.9% (up from 4.1%)
8th: 1206 2CC 5.6% (down from 6.6%)
9th: Combined Unlisted 5.5% (down from 6%)
10th: ABC NewsRadio 4.1% (up from 3.4%)

Summary Survey 1 2009

Ratings since Survey 1 2005
Summary History

Leaderboard positions since Survey 1 2005
Leaderboard Survey 1 2009

Gains and losses
FM 104.7 +3.1
1053 2CA +1.8
666 ABC Canberra +1.6
ABC NewsRadio +0.7
Combined Unlisted -0.5
ABC Radio National -0.7
1206 2CC -1.0
Mix 106.3 -1.3
ABC Classic FM -1.7
Triple J -2.0

Gains And Losses Survey 1 2009

Gains and losses since Survey 2 2005
Gains And Losses History

Music Vs Talk
Music 58.9% (down from 59.0%)
Talk 35.6% (up from 35.6%)
Combined Unlisted 5.5% (6.0%)

Markets Survey 1 2009

Music Vs Talk since survey 1 2005
Markets History

Music Vs Talk: Average per station
Music 11.78% (down from 11.80%)
Talk 8.90% (up from 8.75%)

ABC Vs Commercial
ABC 46.5% (down from 48.6%)
Commercial 48.0% (up from 45.4%)
Combined Unlisted 5.5% (down from 6.0%)

Type Survey 1 2009

ABC Vs Commercial since survey 1 2005
Type History

ABC Vs Commercial average per station
ABC 9.30% (down from 9.72%)
Commercial 12.00% (up from 11.35%)

AM 37.4% (up from 35.7%)
FM 57.1% (down from 58.3%)
Combined Unlisted 5.5% (down from 6.0%)

AM Vs FM Survey 1 2009

AM Vs FM since survey 1 2005
AM Vs FM History

AM Vs FM average per station
AM 9.350% (up from 8.925%)
FM 11.420% (down from 11.660%)


April 9th, 2009 at 04:32am


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