Weekly Poll Results

Who will get your vote in the federal election?
Total Votes: 89 Started: July 31, 2010
Which of these is more appropriate for Penny Wong?
Total Votes: 90 Started: September 11, 2009
Should frontline police have access to tasers?
Total Votes: 59 Started: June 15, 2009
What grade do you give Barack Obama for the first 100 days of his presidency?
Boat people should be...
Total Votes: 23 Started: April 27, 2009
Do you support Canberra Airport's expansion to a full international airport?
Total Votes: 31 Started: April 9, 2009
Is it acceptable for the Prime Minister to verbally abuse an air hostess?
Total Votes: 12 Started: April 3, 2009
Is Westpac Bank's purchase of St. George Bank...?
Total Votes: 42 Started: December 1, 2008
After a year of the Kevin Rudd Labor government, how do you rate their performance?
Total Votes: 26 Started: November 22, 2008
In text messages and instant messaging you use:
Total Votes: 67 Started: August 17, 2008
The recent spate of aeroplane issues has:
Total Votes: 21 Started: July 31, 2008
Is calling the Police for assistance with removing a probably non-life threatening traffic hazard at night:
Total Votes: 78 Started: February 25, 2008
If your income could be tripled by doing so, would you live in an area which is affected by regular cyclones?
Total Votes: 18 Started: February 17, 2008
Do you support Kevin Rudd's plan to apologise to the stolen generation?
Total Votes: 40 Started: February 3, 2008
Should the Australian Navy be deployed to stop the whaling?
Total Votes: 29 Started: January 20, 2008
Who do you plan on giving your first preference to in the House of Representatives election on November 24?
Total Votes: 58 Started: November 17, 2007
Do you think voting should be compulsory?
Total Votes: 41 Started: November 12, 2007
Do you think Labor's environment spokesman, Peter Garrett, was joking when he told 2UE's Steve Price that Labor will change their policies if elected?
Total Votes: 36 Started: November 4, 2007
If Australia must sign a climate change agreement, would you prefer Kyoto or a new agreement?
Total Votes: 22 Started: October 28, 2007
Would you like to see Samuel stand as an independent candidate at the upcoming federal election?
Total Votes: 101 Started: September 16, 2007
Was APEC beneficial to Australia?
Total Votes: 34 Started: September 9, 2007
Should Victoria cancel their court challenge and hand over control of the Murray Darling river system to the federal government?
Total Votes: 28 Started: July 29, 2007
Does it annoy you when Samuel doesn't write something he said he was going to write?
Total Votes: 29 Started: July 1, 2007
Should the Queen's Birthday holiday be held on or around the Queen's actual birthday?
Total Votes: 25 Started: June 10, 2007
What do you think the overall quality of television programming?
Total Votes: 29 Started: June 2, 2007
Who would you vote for if the federal election were to be held today?
Total Votes: 41 Started: May 26, 2007
What sort of plane should David Hicks have come back to Australia in?
Total Votes: 17 Started: May 19, 2007
Are you happy with the federal budget?
Total Votes: 39 Started: May 12, 2007
On average, how much sleep do you get each day?
Total Votes: 27 Started: May 6, 2007
Which industrial relations policy do you prefer?
Total Votes: 26 Started: April 29, 2007
Should the United States adopt gun control laws similar to Australia's gun control laws?
Total Votes: 23 Started: April 21, 2007
Who will win this year's NRL premiership?
Total Votes: 30 Started: April 1, 2007
Will Morris Iemma's re-elected government take New South Wales in "the right direction"?
Total Votes: 22 Started: March 24, 2007
Has Jon Stanhope done a good job as Chief Minister of the ACT?
Total Votes: 55 Started: March 10, 2007
How long do you think it will be until David Hicks is back in Australia?
Total Votes: 25 Started: March 3, 2007
Do you agree with Australia's asylum seeker policies?
Total Votes: 43 Started: February 24, 2007
Did US President George W. Bush make the right decision by committing more troops to Iraq during the week?
Total Votes: 19 Started: February 17, 2007
If you were a tennis ball, would you rather...
Total Votes: 8 Started: February 10, 2007
Should the Persiflage Puzzle be a part of Samuel's Persiflage?
Total Votes: 25 Started: February 3, 2007
Are consumers being treated fairly by the petroleum industry?
Total Votes: 24 Started: January 27, 2007
What do you think the minimum age should be for people to drive a car without supervision (eg. obtain "P" plates)?
Should Pluto be reinstated as a planet?
Total Votes: 14 Started: January 19, 2007

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