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Friday Funnies: Buying A Car

April 9th, 2009 at 09:56am

Metlink, Melbourne’s public transport corporation are a firm believer in global warming, and have produced a raft of ads aimed at convincing people to ditch “harmful” private vehicles in favour of public transport. I am at odds with their view on the matter of global warming, however I admire their creativity in producing their ads.

One of their ads from last year was about the (I’m sure they would agree, exaggerated) effects of buying a car. The ad was so amusing that I recorded a number of ad breaks on 3AW in an effort to capture this one ad. Enjoy!

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And while we’re here, a bit of self-deprecating humour. Whilst recording the afternoon news headlines for AIR News on Tuesday, I just couldn’t get my tongue around a handful of sentences…oh, and I had a wrong figure in there too…see if you can find it.
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The great joy of pre-recording is that I was able to correct the mistakes in a subsequent take. Normally if I have a tongue-tied moment in a pre-record (it happens every now and then) I either edit it out or re-record, however on this occasion I was amused by it, so I saved it for posterity.


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