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The conversation with John Kerr from last year

You may recall that on Wednesday I posted some rather overdue audio of a conversation I had with 2UE’s Stuart Bocking while I was in Sydney in April last year, about the supermarket barcode scanning code of practice.

In that post, I mentioned that I would publish the audio of my conversation with John Kerr from around 4am the following day, on Thursday…but I never quite got around to that, so here it is.

To recap, last year in April I went to Sydney for a couple days to attend John Kerr’s lunch at Liquidity Restaurant. The lunch was on the 24th of April, and I spent most of the 23rd and 24th in Sydney.

On the 24th of April at some time just after 4am I called John Kerr because I had woken up and wasn’t going to be able to get back to sleep. I don’t remember the exact reason I called, as I was instantly sidetracked by John losing the caller ahead of me due to a computer problem, which prompted me to regale John with a story about the hotel’s computer systems not working properly, preventing me from checking in at the time I arrived, and how I subsequently managed to get lost in an area of Chatswood I should have known very well, John was fairly sympathetic, referring to Chatswood as a maze.

Strangely, I didn’t debate John on whether Sydney is up or down from Canberra when he mentioned that I had “come down from Canberra”. I think I’ve debated him every time since then on that point.

John and I also discussed my apparent insomnia, and I somehow miscalculated the time until I would see John at the lunch, incorrectly referring to it as “just under six hours”…that would have been fine if I wanted to be incredibly early.
Download MP3

From the lunch later that day, John Kerr and Stuart Bocking:
John Kerr and Stuart Bocking at Liquidity Restaurant in Sydney

I have one more recording from that morning to share with you, however it can wait until Monday or Tuesday.


March 22nd, 2008 at 02:56pm

Pete Davidson presents 2CC Traffic

About a week ago I met 2CC’s Program Director Pete Davidson. He was working at an outside broadcast 2CC were conducting at Bunnings Belconnen. Apart from Pete being the presenter of 2CA’s “Love Songs After Dark”, I knew that I recognised the name from something else and I asked a question along the lines of “you did the traffic a while back didn’t you?” to which Pete replied that, yes, he did work for ATN providing traffic reports for Mix 106.3 and FM 104.7.

I was actually referring to Pete presenting traffic for 2CA and 2CC for a brief period after Dennis Leigh left ATN, but as I wasn’t entirely sure and the conversation was moving on, I dropped the matter…but it hasn’t stopped it bugging me all week. Anyway, last night I was trawling through some audio for an unrelated reason and I found this recording from the 2nd of August last year, and guess what…it’s Pete Davidson with a traffic report on the 2CC breakfast show.
Download MP3

At least now, I can put my mind at ease on this matter, knowing that I’m not completely devoid of a working memory (reassuring considering the audio which will appear this afternoon).


March 22nd, 2008 at 04:13am

The government’s advice and songs for astronauts

Good morning John,

This line that the New South Wales government have trotted out about leaving Sydney during their half day shutdown of the city for World Youth Day seems to be rapidly developing in to their new excuse for everything. They used it for APEC, now World Youth Day, I suppose next it will be "the trains wouldn't be so crowded if you didn't all live here and try to catch them, so get out of town".

Also you were asking for songs to play to astronauts. Well I think it would have be a song which fills them with confidence that their mission will be successful, so I think the best option would be David Bowie's Major Tom (better known by its actual title “Space Oddity” — thanks for the reminder Pen 15). There's nothing more reassuring than "something's wrong, your circuit's dead, can you hear me Major Tom?"

And speaking of people named Tom, congratulations to your Tom on his move to the weekday show with Jim Ball. I chatted with him briefly a couple times during the week and he seemed to be enjoying it.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

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