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The conversation with John Kerr from last year

March 22nd, 2008 at 02:56pm

You may recall that on Wednesday I posted some rather overdue audio of a conversation I had with 2UE’s Stuart Bocking while I was in Sydney in April last year, about the supermarket barcode scanning code of practice.

In that post, I mentioned that I would publish the audio of my conversation with John Kerr from around 4am the following day, on Thursday…but I never quite got around to that, so here it is.

To recap, last year in April I went to Sydney for a couple days to attend John Kerr’s lunch at Liquidity Restaurant. The lunch was on the 24th of April, and I spent most of the 23rd and 24th in Sydney.

On the 24th of April at some time just after 4am I called John Kerr because I had woken up and wasn’t going to be able to get back to sleep. I don’t remember the exact reason I called, as I was instantly sidetracked by John losing the caller ahead of me due to a computer problem, which prompted me to regale John with a story about the hotel’s computer systems not working properly, preventing me from checking in at the time I arrived, and how I subsequently managed to get lost in an area of Chatswood I should have known very well, John was fairly sympathetic, referring to Chatswood as a maze.

Strangely, I didn’t debate John on whether Sydney is up or down from Canberra when he mentioned that I had “come down from Canberra”. I think I’ve debated him every time since then on that point.

John and I also discussed my apparent insomnia, and I somehow miscalculated the time until I would see John at the lunch, incorrectly referring to it as “just under six hours”…that would have been fine if I wanted to be incredibly early.
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From the lunch later that day, John Kerr and Stuart Bocking:
John Kerr and Stuart Bocking at Liquidity Restaurant in Sydney

I have one more recording from that morning to share with you, however it can wait until Monday or Tuesday.


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