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The conversation with Stuart Bocking from last year

March 19th, 2008 at 11:28am

Last year in April I went to Sydney for a couple days to attend John Kerr’s lunch at Liquidity Restaurant. The lunch was on the 24th of April, and I spent most of the 23rd and 24th in Sydney.

Today (and some of tomorrow) I am in Sydney to attend another one of John Kerr’s lunches, so it seems like a good time to post the audio of the conversations I had with Stuart Bocking and John Kerr on the air during my April 2007 Sydney trip.

On the 23rd of April at some time after 10pm I called Stuart Bocking (if I had the hotel invoice in front of me I could tell you the exact time) to talk about the supermarket code of practice for the scanning of barcodes where products scanned at the incorrect price are supposed to be given to the customer for free, as that was one of the topics of discussion for some reason. We also briefly discussed Stuart’s attendance at John’s lunch, and me not being able to remember which team I tipped in the Monday night NRL match. For the record it was the Rabbitohs to beat the Cowboys, which was a good tip in a round where I tipped 50% of the NRL matches correctly.
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And of course Stuart was in attendance the next day:
Samuel Gordon-Stewart and Stuart Bocking at Liquidity Restaurant in Sydney

Tomorrow I’ll post the audio of my conversation with John Kerr from the early hours of the 24th.

Incidentally, I recorded these off the radio by running an audio cable between the headphone jack of my portable radio and the microphone jack of my digital notetaker, so the quality is reminiscent of a mobile phone call. Finding a volume low enough on the radio to not overload the microphone jack was an interesting experience as it had to be practically the lowest possible volume on the radio…any lower and it was pure silence.


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