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Good afternoon Tim,

I'm another self-confessed clutterer. I mainly collect paper, and anything paper based…I even have a disposable christmas design coffee cup from 2006 sitting on a bench as an ornament!

If you look in some places in this house, you'll find a few old catalogues that I just decided to keep for some reason and have forgotten about since then, and I have a Daily Telegraph from the mid 1990s here somewhere…not that I know why I kept it.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

January 24th, 2008 at 12:30pm

“She is very welcome to use the buses but not when she is on her lead”

Clive Robertson mentioned this story this morning and I completely forgot to mention it at the time as it is one of the funniest stories I’ve heard in a while.

From Reuters (click here for original article)

“Pet” girl kicked off bus for wearing leash

LONDON (Reuters) – A British bus company has apologized to a girl who is led around on a leash by her boyfriend and describes herself as a human pet after one of its drivers threw her off a bus.

Tasha Maltby, 19, told British newspapers she was the “pet” of her 25-year-old fiance Dani Graves.

Pictures showed her dressed in black Gothic-style clothing with silver buckles on a silver chain — which the driver of a bus from the firm Arriva took exception to.

She told the Daily Mail newspaper Wednesday she was thrown off and told: “We don’t let freaks and dogs like you on.”

Arriva would not comment on specifics but said it apologized if the couple felt they had been discriminated against. It added, however, that the driver was worried about safety and the company told Maltby to take the leash off in the future.

“We have spoken to the driver who has talked about health and safety,” a spokesman said. “Should she be attached to a chain and something happens on the bus, that could be dangerous. All we are saying is that she is very welcome to use the buses but not when she is on her lead.”

Maltby — who lives on state benefits and got engaged in November — said her choice of lifestyle might seem unusual but was harmless.

“I am a pet,” she told the Daily Mail. “I generally act animal-like and I lead a really easy life. I don’t cook or clean and I don’t go anywhere without Dani. It might seem strange but it makes us both happy. It’s my culture and my choice. It isn’t hurting anyone.”

(Editing by Michael Winfrey)

After hearing the self-description of the woman in question, I completely support the bus driver…and why is a self-confessed pet receiving government benefits? Nattie doesn’t receive anything from the government, I have to pay them to be allowed to keep her.


January 24th, 2008 at 12:04pm


Good morning Steve,

Ye gods, are you sure Shirley was from mid-west USA and not from another planet far far away?

She's madder than a cut snake, and it wouldn't surprise me if she was the one that cut the snakes.

Well handled Steve.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

For those of you who are wondering, Lesley is from Westboro Baptist Church’s and is one of those people who manages to instantly swing from asking a (albeit loaded) question quietly to screaming at the top of her voice about something mildly related to the question, regardless of the answer.

This group have decided that they want to picket Heat Ledger’s funeral because of his involvement in the movie Brokeback Mountain.

Steve’s interview of Shirley can be heard at

Update: I must have missed Mike Jeffreys interviewing Shirley this morning, but I just heard a promo for his show with her on it, saying almost exactly the same things, word-for-word, that she said to Steve Price. One wonders if she is reading from a script or similar, and if so, why she has so much trouble remembering her own beliefs. End Update

January 24th, 2008 at 10:06am


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