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Another Birthday

And again it’s a day late. Martin, who has been trying to get me to link to his site since late last year…I’m still not sure that there is much reason to link to his site so we’ll just call it a birthday present.

Happy Birthday Martin.

Incidentally, looking back through the archives I can see one other link to Martin’s website, does anybody want to locate it? A small undetermined prize is on offer (Naturally Martin is ineligible to enter).


1 comment January 16th, 2008 at 10:34pm

Bill Woods and Deborah Knight

Good afternoon Tim,

I would just like to echo your sentiments about Bill Woods and Deborah Knight having done well over the last few weeks filling in for Glenn Wheeler.

I am generally not a fan of duos on talk radio, but Bill and Deborah were fantastic, they work very well together and should be at the top of the list next time 2UE are looking for a duo.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

3 comments January 16th, 2008 at 01:30pm

Corey Delaney Arrested

I’m struggling to find the news anywhere else, but Steve Price insists that Corey Delaney, the missing 16 year-old who decided to tell his parents that he couldn’t go on holiday with them because he had to work, and instead posted a public invitation to a party on MySpace, and subsequently ended up with an out of control mob which required an awful lot of police attention, has been arrested.

On further inspection it looks like the news has come from 3AW in Melbourne and been confirmed by police on-the-air down there.

All I can say is that this is a circus. Corey needs a good kick up the rear end and the media should stop giving the little brat a heap of free publicity and focus on the battle between the Japanese whalers and the environmentalists instead.

I was going to write Corey in to the upcoming episode of Editorial Echoes, but unless the police release him with no repercussions, he is just a waste of my time. There are a couple things about the story which don’t add up unless you add in even more stupidity than is already apparent on Corey’s behalf, and that of his parents…but as I said, a waste of time, and as long as he receives some sort of punishment, I really don’t care.

Update: Err, quick thought…if Corey is charged, aren’t there laws to protect the identity of minors involved in legal proceedings? If so, hasn’t Corey waived his right to anonymity by making media appearances on A Current Affair and Melbourne’s Fox FM? Surely it would be stupid to force the media to stop naming him after he has already become a household name for the exact thing any charges would relate to. Removing his name from blogs and YouTube etc could be quite a test of such laws (and keep the Department of Public Prosecutions busy for the next few years). End Update

Further Update: What I want to say I can not say, however certain circumstances have hopefully forced this story in to being much quieter from now on. Comments are closed, I can not spell out the reason due to legal constraints. Read between the lines and I’m sure you will reach your own conclusions. It’s amusing that I have whinged about the ambiguity of the English language over the last week, and yet today that very ambiguity is incredibly useful. End Update


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