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Triple M to broadcast cricket

It’s been a while since the former Southern Cross talk radio network dumped their cricket coverage and left it in the hands of the ABC who, I might add, have an amazing way of sending people to sleep with their coverage. It’s not their fault, cricket isn’t a particularly interesting game in spoken form, it’s the sort of game you have to watch. Interesting sport coverage on radio demands constant action, something cricket (traditionally) doesn’t provide.

Twenty20 cricket has changed that some extent, it is definitely a game of constant action (although personally I think it’s an awful perversion of the game of cricket). Triple M have decided to broadcast Twenty20 cricket.

The upcoming KFC International Twenty20 will be covered by Dennis Cometti, Greg Blewett, Darren Lehmann and James Brayshaw which seems like a reasonable team, I’m a bit concerned about the special guests Peter Helliar and Strauchanie (I don’t know who this person is…anybody care to enlighten me?) and why, other than it being FM radio, these seemingly non-cricket or commentator people need to be there.

The coverage starts on the first of February at 6pm and will also be broadcast in Brisbane on 104.5FM, sadly Canberra misses out.

Despite my reservations, I wish them all the best with it. It’s about time there was a decent alternative, other than the mute button, to the predictable and annoying Channel Nine cricket commentary, and the sleepy ABC commentary.


1 comment January 22nd, 2008 at 10:00am

Bert Newton becomes a grandfather…

…which I suppose means there is now a mini-moon.

Sam Albert Newton Welsh was born three weeks early in Melbourne and is the son of TV personality Lauren Newton and Olympic swimmer Matt Welsh.

Apart from wondering about the complexities of having a son related to a moon, I also have to wonder if the child’s first name is officially “Samuel”?

None the less, congratulations to all involved.


January 22nd, 2008 at 08:00am


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