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Merry Christmas Stuart

Good evening Stuart,

Just a quick note to wish you, your staff, your family and all of the listeners a very merry and safe Christmas, and a wonderful new year. I'm sorry I missed your Christmas lunch but if the photos are anything to go by, it looks like you had a wonderful time…I'm a bit worried about the dancing elf video though…you look good in a green fur coat and red and white striped socks, but are you sure you want to be responsible for making all the toys? I suppose it's better than being a reindeer and having to cart the toys all the way around the world in one night (no wonder they only do it once a year).

Merry Christmas Stuart!

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

If you’re interested in seeing Stuart and his staff dancing in elf costumes, click here.

December 21st, 2007 at 08:30pm

1WAY FM appoints Tim Malone as Acting Station Manager

Congratulations to Tim Malone, an occasional contributor to this website, who has been appointed as the Acting Station Manager of Canberra’s Christian radio station, 1WAY FM. Tim effectively takes over from Bill Kitto who is stepping down as Station Manager after three and a half years in the role.

Mr. Kitto announced his plan to retire from his role as Station Manager in November, the board of Canberra Christian Radio Limited subsequently advertised the position and considered who they believe will best be able to build on the Station’s success to date and optimise their future effectiveness in ‘presenting the reality of Jesus Christ’, a central ideal of their purpose statement.

At a special Board meeting last night, the Board decided not to permanently appoint a new Station Manager at this time and instead promoted Tim Malone from Project Manager to Acting Station Manager.

In a message to everyone involved with the station, Chairman of the Board Brent Budarick, on behalf of the Board, expressed his gratitude and appreciation to Bill Kitto for all he has done for the Station over the years, particularly as Station Manager for the past three and a half years.

I would personally like to congratulate Tim on his appointment to this role. Tim is very enthusiastic about 1WAY FM and has been working very hard in recent times to lift the profile of the station in the Canberra market. Tim seems quite excited about his new role, and I wish him all the best with it. I’m sure he will do well.

1WAY FM broadcasts on 91.9FM in Canberra and on 94.3FM via the Tuggeranong repeater.


December 21st, 2007 at 03:53pm

Friday Funnies: Fruitcake

This week’s Friday Funny was brought to my attention by Leo Laporte and Cammy Blackstone’s Muchcast.

For the record I like fruitcake, especially at this time of year, but the video is amusing none-the-less.

Do you have something you would like to contribute to Friday Funnies? If so, email it to All contributions welcome!


December 21st, 2007 at 12:14pm

Talkback Radio Documentary

You may recall that back in August I had a dream about a film crew visiting me to film some green mesh. This dream occurred a short time before a real film crew were supposed to arrive and film part of a documentary at my house. The documentary in question is about talkback radio, and in particular the people who ring talkback radio.

Yesterday I had an opportunity to catch up with the producer of the documentary, the ACRA award winning, 2CC Drive Show producer, Michael Thompson (not the one in the Woolworths ads). The part of the documentary which was being filmed over a series of weekends in August was the interviews of various talkback radio callers, it has been slow going since then as it is (or so it would appear to me at least) a part-time project. There have been other things to film, there has been plenty of footage to edit, and many other things have needed to be done.

It’s a silly thing to say, but the documentary is getting closer to completion every day, or in other words, it will be done when it is done. The grand plan is for the documentary to be screened on free-to-air television and I will keep you updated on that.

I’m not sure when the documentary will be completed, but based on what I have been told over the last few months, it will be done sometime in the next few months. I’m quite happy to wait, as I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

Incidentally, Michael Thompson has been the producer of the drive show for over a year now and I still haven’t officially welcomed him. Michael, welcome. Michael graduated from Charles Sturt University’s Journalism course last year and is doing a great job as the producer of the drive show.

Michael will be on leave after today, so I would strongly encourage anybody who listens to the 2CC Drive Show to ring 62554444 this afternoon and wish him a merry Christmas…and while you’re there, wait on the line and do the same for the presenter, Mike Welsh.


December 21st, 2007 at 09:18am


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