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Bunnings Warehouse Update Their Theme Music

For at least the last ten years Bunnings Warehouse have been using the same theme music, and now they have changed it. I noticed it twice on television last night and have heard it once on the radio today. It’s the same basic tune, but (and this won’t sound very technical) it sounds a bit like they’ve taken the tape and boiled it.

They haven’t updated the ads on their website yet so you can still hear the old music at (Update: New ads with new music now on that link). I’ll update this with the new and old music shortly. (I should have recorded the 2CC gardening show before the final “Best of Laws” on the 2nd of December as it is sponsored by Bunnings and there are a couple extended commercials each morning produced either by 2CC Production or Bunnings, these commercials use extended versions of the Bunnings Music…maybe they will get another run this weekend.


4 comments December 12th, 2007 at 09:39am

Environmental Flows from Googong Dam

Good morning Mike,

I just heard your conversation with Ross Knee, ACTEW's principal strategic planner, about environmental flows.

I can understand his point about the need for environmental flows to keep our rivers healthy, but he said that Googong Dam's environmental flow goes in to the Molongolo River and becomes Lake Burley Griffin. Googong is our largest dam by a very large margin, somehow I don't think anybody would mind if the flow in to the lake was reduced in an effort to help fill Googong. In addition, if the lake was to be mostly drained then we could send a lot of water down to Burrinjuck Dam, or with a bit of piping and pumping send it to Corin Dam which is only 16.3% full.

I don't think people would mind if Lake Burley Griffin was to be temporarily turned back in to a river to prop up our dams. It would look a bit odd, but it's only an ornament.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

December 12th, 2007 at 08:30am


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