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Your Questions, My Answers

It’s funny how correspondence through the feedback form comes in bursts…people don’t touch it for ages, and then suddenly half a dozen people contact me in a few days. The contact form is great for anonymous contributions, tips etc as it will accept bogus email addresses, and doesn’t record IP addresses.

Anyway, a couple highlights from the last few days:

Preston writes:

Subject…: flexibus to be scrapped

seen this?

Indeed I have Preston, in fact I made reference to Flexibus being scrapped nearly two weeks ago (and possibly before that…I can’t recall), but it’s nice to know that the information has been released by those more prominent than myself, and therefore is much more likely to be followed through with.

Janet writes:

What’s happening with the busses, are the drivers going on strike again?

Well they’re not going on strike again in the forseeable future. Since the strike ACTION and the Transport Workers Union have been having some useful discussions, ACTION have once again withdrawn the split shifts, and this time the TWU have publicised it, so things are looking good. The last thing I heard was Klaus Pinkas from the TWU sounding rather pleased with the progress of the talks.

James writes:

When is the next persilferlage coming out?

(Quote modified to exclude profanities)

Soon James, soon, I’m still trying to work out an appropriate interview time with a guest in the US.

nemzoid45r writes (amongst other things):

I just found your site after a friend shown it to me and u r a waste of the internet

Unfortunately that was one of the more legible passages of nemzoid45r’s email, but I’m sure you get the drift…it’s been a while since I’ve had someone berate me illegibly, so it’s nice to know people still feel a need to be idiots online.

Actually, the more I think about it, the more I agree with one of Mike Jeffreys’ sayings:
“God must love idiots, becuase he made so many of them”.

I wonder what will land in my inbox in the next 24 hours?


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