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2UE’s pre-recorded news

It looks like 2UE have entered the pre-recorded news game, their 2am bulletin this morning was unfortunately a repeat of yesterday’s 2am bulletin, featuring news of the newspoll predicting a Peter Beattie victory in “today’s state election”, the motor racing industry mourning the loss of Peter Brock (but none of the details revealed during Saturday), a report which made the multiple bombings in India sound like they only just happened in the last few hours…and all of the latest in sport…from Friday night.

In fact the only thing which wasn’t out of date was the time call…at least they managed to play a 2am bulletin.

It’s a real shame that 2UE have followed the lead of their sister station in Melbourne, 3AW, and started pre-recording overnight news bulletins…looks like 2GB might be the only live and local overnight news service in Sydney after all.


September 10th, 2006 at 02:20am

Questions for 09/September/2006

Good morning gents,

Time for another round of questions from the Questionable Trio

Q: In the 1986 remake of the incredibly funny movie Little shop of horrors, with a cast of the who’s who in comedy movies at the time (Charity says "i love it myself")
Who was the director of the movie?…and here is one you won’t know…what is the name of the man eating plant with slight attitude problems…and who did its voice.
A…Frank Oz of the Muppets fame was the director…the plants name was actually "Audrey 2" who came from outer space to eat the world…he was voiced by the incredibly cool Levi Stubbs Jr from the Four Tops.

Q: Name the actor:
Before entering films, I was a hard working apprentice engineer at BOAC.
I played  Frankenstein’s Creature in the 1967 film Casino Royale.
I was awarded an MBE in the 2000 Queen’s  Millennium Honours List  
I have been a weightlifting champion many times.
I played a dual role in the Jabberwocky movie.
I said this about one of my best known roles:  "I took the part of the villain because everyone remembers the villain."
In one of my movie roles the same part was played by three actors.
I trained Christopher Reeve for his role in the Superman movie.
A: I am David Prowse.
My roles in the Jabberwocky movie were the   "Black Knight" and the "Red Knight".
The Film was Star Wars and the other actors were  James Earl Jones doing the voice over because they didn’t like my British accent  for the role of Darth Vader and Bob Anderson was the stuntman
Trivia: besides the above Darth Vader actors there were also Sebastian Shaw played Darth Vader’s face (as his redeemed self), seen only in Return of the Jedi, and Ben Burtt also added the breathing for  Vader.
Have a great week.

Best wishes from The Questionable Trio
Irene, Charity and Samuel

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