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Chief Turnip on 2CC

Chief Turnip Jon Stanhope will be on 2CC on Tuesday (27 June) at 4PM answering calls from the public. If you would like to ask him a question (and get an answer), here is your chance.

I wouldn’t be surprised if callers are limited to one or two questions as 2CC are likely to be swamped with calls during this segment. I’m also not sure how long Jon Stanhope will be on-air for, but I suspect it will be from 4pm-5pm. I will contact 2CC to clarify this.

2CC is 1206 on the AM dial, and their open line number is 62554444. Drive Show host Mike Welsh has a promo running for the segment where he says that it will be a chance for people to ring in and put their questions to the Chief Minister.

I plan on recording the entire Stanhope segment and putting an MP3 of it online. I’ll let you know once that is done. I also have plans for a live webstream for the benefit of the interstate/international audience. I’ll have more details tomorrow morning. (Although I will update this post with the duration of the Stanhope segment as soon as I have the details to hand).

Also, as a few people at 2CC read this site, this post is probably going to attract the attention of 2CC management…if you have a problem with me putting the Stanhope segment online, please contact me so that we can discuss it.


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Nostradamus Predicts Spain To Win FIFA World Cup

It would appear that Nostradamus thinks Spain will win the world cup. Spanish newspaper 20 Minutos (probably not related to Nine’s “60 Minutes”) has run a story which quotes one of Nostradamus’ prophecies, namely:

In the sixth month of 2006 the King of Spain will cross the Pyrenees with his troops. The legions of Beelzebub will battle him in central Europe and suffer doom and destruction. The Holy Grail will then come to Spain.

The only problem I can forsee here is that the world cup ends on July 9…still, when you write something nearly 500 years in advance, I think you can be forgiven for getting the date wrong by 9 days.

For the record, Spain are currently paying $11.00 on ACTTAB Sportsbet to win the world cup.


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