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It’s all happening at Capital Radio!

A long weekend that brings back familiar voices, a presenter on holiday during a major event, a new breakfast duo, and ratings due out this week…it’s all fun and games at Capital Radio.

Going back to Monday June 5, and with the radio ratings season over, 2CC breakfast host Mike Jeffreys went on leave for two weeks, leaving Mike Frame in charge…but could anybody have predicted what was to follow? From the moment the ACT budget was announced on Tuesday afternoon, the local shows on 2CC have been generating a telephone meltdown as people ring in to vent their anger. 2CC have done a wonderful job as the forum for that anger, but I’m sure it was not quite what they had in mind for last week, and probably the rest of this week. I’m pretty sure they would have been expecting the annual fireworks discussions in the leadup to the Queen’s Birthday long weekend…but Mr. Stanhope made sure that didn’t happen.

Speaking of the long weekend, who forgot to tell Mike Frame about it? Every single day, he was there, and he’ll stay there until midday on Sunday when he finally gets to have a break for five days.

Whoever forgot to tell Framey about the public holiday, yelled the information at 2UE, who decided that Monday should be part of the weekend, and as such brought some familiar voices back to the 2CC airwaves. Queen’s Birthday Monday went something like this:

12am-6am: John Kerr (via 2UE)
6am-9am: Mike Frame (local)
9am-12pm: George Moore and Paul B. Kidd (via 2UE…and a pleasure to hear them on 2CC again)
12pm-3pm: Glenn Wheeler (via 2UE)
3pm-5pm: NRL (via 2GB)
5pm-6pm: Highlights of the Mike Welsh Drive Show (repeat and local)
6pm-12pm: Mike Williams (via 2UE).

Thankfully most people wouldn’t have known that Mike Welsh’s highlights show was a repeat, as it originally aired at 6am on Saturday in the place of “Bits of the Mike Jeffreys Breakfast Programme”, which is difficult to produce without a show to base it on.

And what was that promo being splashed around during 2CA’s AFL coverage? It was the long-awaited promo for 2CA’s new breakfast show, featuring two people called “Paul & Lleyton”. It might be long-awaited (2 and a half months), but it seems odd to start a new breakfast show after a ratings season and before the results…but so be it, with any luck Paul and Lleyton will be Canberra’s most interesting and useful breakfast combination, which wouldn’t be hard with the terribly annoying and distrubing Mark and Lisa on Mix 106.3 and that trio of idiots on 104.7…and do 666 ABC Canberra have a breakfast duo any more? I can never keep up with their continuously changing schedule.

I will wish Paul and Lleyton the best of luck, it’s quite obvious that 2CA are trying to win back some of the youth market they have lost to the FM commercial stations…they might succeed, but will they retain their older audience? It’s a tough ask being on breakfast on an ailing station, but with two and a half months of preparation from 2CA management, you would have to give Paul and Lleyton at least half a chance…good luck boys!

Update: Whoops, looks like it’s actually “Paul and Leighton”!


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