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The last time I’ll see a temperature above freezing for over a week

Kansas City has been great, even though it has only been a brief stop. Today I’ll be heading up north to Iowa, and in particular the town of Fort Dodge. I have deliberately left the trip until the middle of the day as the temperatures are a bit nippy and I’d rather when it’s only cold, not when it’s super cold…it’d be nice to have a couple hours to get used to it.

Before I leave Kansas City I’m going to take a trip down to what I’m informed is a nice little old shopping precinct rather close to my hotel. I’ll have a look around there for a bit prior to leaving town.

Before I leave the hotel, here are a few photos of the view from my hotel room.

Kansas City at dawn

I took this photo around dawn.

The next two I took a short time ago.
Kansas City at dawn

Kansas City at dawn

If I have time, I’ll try to get a few photos of some of the rather nice old houses in the area as well.

Now, the weather. It should be above freezing by the time I leave Kansas City, although only just, and so far the temperature is still a little below the hourly forecast figure (at 10:45 it was still -1).
Kansas City forecast for 23 Feb 2014

Fort Dodge forecast for 23-25 Feb 2014

Fort Dodge should be sitting at about the maximum temperature when I get there this afternoon, before rapidly plummeting to -20 tonight. Thankfully I will not still be there to experience -25 on Tuesday night.

South Bend forecast for 25 Feb - 1 Mar 2014
South Bend forecast for 2 - 3 Mar 2014

It looks like I will get my wish in South Bend of seeing snow.

(As usual, Weather data is courtesy of AccuWeather)

Oh well, time for me to get going.


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