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Less than a day to go!

At this time tomorrow I should be at Sydney Airport, having flown from Canberra, and be awaiting the boarding call for my flight to Los Angeles.

There is quite a bit to do today. Not much of it has to do with preparing for the trip itself as that is mostly taken care of (apart from packing…I still have to pack as I’m not keen on packing well in advance. I know what I want to pack; I just haven’t packed it yet), but instead has to do with ensuring that all of the arrangements for my absence are taken care of…again that is mostly sorted, but I have a few things to do which could not be done until today, so that should keep me busy.

I also have a few blog posts planned for today regarding the preparations for my trip, and an update to the weather forecasts for the trip.

I will also have to spend a decent amount of time playing with Pebbles today. She seems to know that I’m leaving soon and has even taken up sleeping in my room’s doorway, which she has never done before but something which Nattie used to always do when she was still around.

For tomorrow, while I’m in-transit, I was hoping to embed a little map on this page tracking the progress of my flights…alas that is easier said than done. I should be able to provide links to tracking maps though, in case anyone is interested (it’s funny to think that people in Australia could have more knowledge of my exact location than me while I’m in the air). As I won’t be able to embed a tracking map, I will instead try to find time today or tonight to put together a blog post which I have been planning on writing for quite some time, and which should provide you with some interesting information while I’m flying. Time shouldn’t be an issue as I couldn’t sleep much last night and I doubt I’ll be able to sleep at all tonight, so I’ll need something to keep me busy…but we’ll see how I go. I won’t elaborate on what that blog post might be at this point in time as I don’t want to do what I so often manage to do on this blog (and which brings me much guilt): over-promise and under-deliver.

Right now I must go to the post office, so stay tuned for further updates throughout the day.


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