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On today’s alleged Labor leadership spill

At 2:10pm I stated what seemed obvious to me about the leadership spill.

My tweet this afternoon

(As Twitter has gone crazy and refuses to show timestamps from my timezone, here is the automatic cross-post to facebook)

My tweet this afternoon

Prediction: Leadership spill is a stunt. Gillard will be reelected unopposed (autocorrect says unpolished) and will lose September election.

I was right. It was a stunt. The aim was to make Labor appear united by having Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan reelected unanimously and unopposed. Simon Crean was fired from his ministries to keep up appearances…just you watch, Simon will be given a nice cosy job after a discreet period of time so that he can gracefully retire from the stupidity of Federal Labor in its current form.


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NRL Tips: Round 3

After two weeks of getting four right and four wrong, it’s time that I get at least one more right…will it happen though?

Here are my tips for this week.

Storm V Bulldogs
Tigers V Eels
Titans V Sea Eagles
Roosters V Broncos
Sharks V Warriors
Panthers V Rabbitohs
Raiders V Dragons
Knights V Cowboys

AFL tips, for the entirety of the split round, will follow tomorrow.


March 21st, 2013 at 06:28pm

NRL Tips: Round 2 results

Before I put in my tips for this week, a look back at how I fared last week.

Eels V Bulldogs +4
Dragons V Broncos -16
Cowboys V Storm -22
Warriors V Roosters -2
Titans V Raiders +36
Tigers V Panthers -10
Sea Eagles V Knights +32
Rabbitohs V Sharks +2

Another week where I got four right and four wrong, but unlike last week some big margins went in my favour.

Round 2 total: +24
Round 1 total: -20

Total for the year so far: +4


March 21st, 2013 at 06:22pm

Harry Reid linking the death of Marines to the spending sequester

An email to the quite excellent Tom Marr of WCBM 680AM in Baltimore, Maryland. Tom will be filling in for Mark Levin on his nationally syndicated show next week.

Hi Tom,

I couldn’t agree more with you about Harry Reid. What happened to those Marines is a tragedy, but Harry Reid’s attempt to link it to the sequester is disgusting.

As an Australian, I can put up with hearing Harry Reid when I tune in to American radio, but I nearly took an axe to the radio when Harry Reid turned up on an Australian radio newscast yesterday.

I’m looking forward to hearing you on The Great One’s show on Monday.

Kind regards,
Samuel Gordon-Stewart
Canberra, Australia

March 21st, 2013 at 02:01am


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