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Twitter Updates for 2012-07-23

  • Of course, as usual on a Sunday night, I'm catching up on The Bolt Report. Looking forward to see @TheIPA's John Roskam on there shortly. #
  • Wow! Interesting happenings. RT @nat_forrest: A man's been murdered in Red Hill. Detectives have a man in custody being questioned #canberra #
  • @coffeyn Yep I missed it. Busy week at this end. Saw a clip on Bolt Report and will track down the full speech. in reply to coffeyn #
  • @coffeyn I thought the ABC24 bit was odd, but one never can be sure with that mob. Thanks for the info about the speech. in reply to coffeyn #
  • @coffeyn The video is on @Heritage's website at in reply to coffeyn #
  • Based on the numbers, I think a Liberal Party candidate could have won the Melbourne by-election if one had run. This needs a blog post… #
  • @timwilsoncomau thankfully your team is not playing my Doggies, because the Dees would beat us and then I would have to hate you for a day in reply to timwilsoncomau #
  • @timwilsoncomau and I don't want to have to hate you 🙂 #
  • @jeffreys_mike Hi Mike. Thanks for sending out a message about your new Twitter handle. Does this mean you've officially left 2UE? Keep well #
  • Haven't the people of Aurora, Colorado suffered enough without having to endure a visit from Obama? POTUS visits are logistical nightmares. #
  • Congrats to @nat_forrest on being the first person to cover the news of the Red Hill murder. Nice job Nat! #
  • @joemasterson7 @nat_forrest No disrespect intended to the deceased, but this is big news for Canberra & Nat deserves credit for breaking it. in reply to joemasterson7 #

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