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Twitter Updates for 2012-04-27

  • @StevePriceMedia So Andrew Bolt will be with you in the 8pm hour? Just checking as I'll be at work and will record it so I don't miss out. #
  • @liebrossxlul9 riiiight…because dating advice from random spammers is what everyone needs more of. Go and shove your head up a turkey! in reply to liebrossxlul9 #
  • @dbongino Thanks for the retweet. I enjoyed your interview and wish you much success in your Senatorial race. #
  • As of 1pm today, I will have worked in my current job for two years. A personal record for a full-time or part-time job. 21 months is 2nd. #
  • @morrison954 1. Chief Magistrate Morrison. 2. Melt down the windfarms and desal plant. Sell the parts to pay for jails. 3. Problem solved! in reply to morrison954 #
  • @daniel_prime7 not as bad as when I forgot I was making a cup of tea after I'd taken out the teabag, and I added instant coffee. Yuck! in reply to daniel_prime7 #
  • @seanhannity that's how you should coax Levin to the Fox studios. Bring a dog to the studio and let him film some Fox Xtra segments with it. in reply to seanhannity #
  • @VentraIP one of 500 parts of your new content distribution network? in reply to VentraIP #
  • @nat_forrest happy holidays Nat 🙂 in reply to nat_forrest #

April 27th, 2012 at 09:00pm

Humphrey B. Bear

An email to Andrew Moore and 2GB’s Continuous Call Team

Good evening Andrew,

I heard you mention this morning that Humphrey B. Bear has come out of retirement. I know that he’s mute, so he can’t join the commentary team, but perhaps he could come on board the Continuous Call Team as the official mascot. I’m sure that a few old Bears fans would be happy about it.

Anyway, looking forward to a great match tonight. One-eyed prediction of Dogs by 22-6 from me.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

April 27th, 2012 at 07:41pm

Radio movements in Deniliquin, Young, and somewhere as yet unknown

There are a few movements in the radio industry in regional New South Wales which are of interest to me given my former association with some of the people involved, so hopefully the news will be of some interest to you as well. If not, please indulge me for a few minutes.

Over at 1521AM 2QN and 102.5FM Classic Rock in Deniliquin, local news presenter and senior announcer Graham Munson presented his final news bulletin for the stations this afternoon. Graham is on the move, but he is not saying where he is going just yet, only that he has been offered a job elsewhere, and is not at liberty to make an announcement about it yet. Graham had filled this and other roles at 2QN and Classic Rock since 2006 and I had the pleasure of both filling in for, and working alongside Graham on a number of occasions. At the end of Graham’s final 2QN news bulletin he mentioned that it had “been a pleasure to present the news for you and to do programs as well”. He signed off by wishing all of his listeners all the best for the future.

Graham is a very dedicated and professional man, and I fondly remember a couple occasions where I was filling in for him and he popped in to the studios to hand me a story he had been working on while he was on holidays. He is very nurturing of young talent, and I’m sure that he will be a great asset to whichever station it is that has hired him.

Filling Graham’s shoes will be Rob Harrington, who most recently was the local news journalist and presenter of the news-based Country Lunch Hour on 2LF in Young. Rob previously filled in for Graham a number of times at 2QN and I got to work with him for a week in 2009 when I filled in on 2QN’s breakfast show and Rob was in the newsroom. Rob starts on Monday.

Rob departed 2LF on Friday last week and has, as yet, not been replaced. His duties have been assumed by 2LF breakfast host Neil Langford. It is not currently known if this is a permanent arrangement, but I can say this: I have not seen the job advertised anywhere.

This afternoon I recorded Graham’s final couple of news bulletins. For your listening pleasure, and as a record of a fairly big change in the media landscape in Deniliquin and Echuca, here are the 2QN local news bulletins from 4:30pm and 5:30pm this afternoon.

Download MP3


April 27th, 2012 at 07:10pm


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