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Twitter Updates for 2012-04-27

April 27th, 2012 at 09:00pm

  • @StevePriceMedia So Andrew Bolt will be with you in the 8pm hour? Just checking as I'll be at work and will record it so I don't miss out. #
  • @liebrossxlul9 riiiight…because dating advice from random spammers is what everyone needs more of. Go and shove your head up a turkey! in reply to liebrossxlul9 #
  • @dbongino Thanks for the retweet. I enjoyed your interview and wish you much success in your Senatorial race. #
  • As of 1pm today, I will have worked in my current job for two years. A personal record for a full-time or part-time job. 21 months is 2nd. #
  • @morrison954 1. Chief Magistrate Morrison. 2. Melt down the windfarms and desal plant. Sell the parts to pay for jails. 3. Problem solved! in reply to morrison954 #
  • @daniel_prime7 not as bad as when I forgot I was making a cup of tea after I'd taken out the teabag, and I added instant coffee. Yuck! in reply to daniel_prime7 #
  • @seanhannity that's how you should coax Levin to the Fox studios. Bring a dog to the studio and let him film some Fox Xtra segments with it. in reply to seanhannity #
  • @VentraIP one of 500 parts of your new content distribution network? in reply to VentraIP #
  • @nat_forrest happy holidays Nat 🙂 in reply to nat_forrest #

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