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Some Monday Bits

After a somewhat hectic weekend and a chaotic morning today, I have a few spare minutes before I have to bolt to the airport to catch a plane to Melbourne for tonight’s Andrew Bolt function. So, I have time for a few quick tidbits.

Firstly, Tony Abbott wants a plebiscite on the carbon dioxide tax. It would be a way to ensure that we have an accurate poll on the issue, but I’m not convinced that this government would listen to the results anyway…they would probably just implement the tax and hope that the public forget by the time the next election rolls around. I do support the idea of the plebiscite though. It would cost money, but at least we would have it on record that people either do or do not want the tax. Ultimately, I would like to see a definitive national answer on this issue, regardless of the answer, so that it is there on the record.

The Greens have poo-pooed the idea today, claiming that if we have a plebiscite on this then we should have also had one on each of the wars we have entered. I disagree. The tax would directly affect each and every person in the country and fundamentally change the economic landscape. The wars do not have a direct impact on most people, even if they do have a direct impact on some.


Some good news on the industrial relations front around the world. In New South Wales last week, Barry O’Farrell got his IR changes for public servants through the government. These changes would give him, as the boss, direct control over much of the aspects of the conditions of public servants, including their rate of pay. It is about time that the public service gravy train was reigned in, and the boss of the government should have the ability to set wages of government employees, much like the boss of a business should have the ability to set the wages of the business’ employees.

In Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker’s “budget repair bill” was passed by the state’s supreme court. The bill, among other things, limits the collective bargaining rights of public sector employees which should help to reign in their problems with excessive public sector wages. While public sector workers should have the right to request more pay or conditions, they shouldn’t be able to cripple every government service in their quest to get their way. Such strikes are not strikes against poor conditions, they are strikes against the public. It’s good to see Scott Walker’s budget pass, and in turn see his state’s budget start to get back on the right track.


And with that, I’m out. Flight to catch…toodles!


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