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Free Speech and Retired Politicians

An email to 2GB’s Mike Williams

Good morning Mike,

Well I’ll tick one of the two boxes for you. I can be a cowardly emailer who won’t pick up the phone this morning, but I’m definitely not going to support the failed ideas of the current mob in the Labor Party.

As for the person who emailed you earlier, Lancelot, claiming that you’re a perfect example of why talkback radio should be monitored (and one assumes, regulated), isn’t it funny how these people believe in freedom of speech on the proviso that they agree with the speech. I’m 100% certain that he never had any problem with Taxpayer Radio hosts blasting John Howard every second of every day before, during and after his tenure as Prime Minister.

And speaking of former politicians, I would like to see a “work for the pension” scheme for retired politicians. If they want to claim their exorbitant pension while they’re still of working age, they should be required to work for the taxpayer, achieving all of the things that they couldn’t achieve while in office. They could be driving the trains to try and keep them on time (can you imagine Morris Iemma doing that? “The next stop for this train is, ahhh, I’ll look in to that. I am the boss of this train so the inquiry will report directly to me on that”) or in Julia’s case, she could be on the navy vessels protecting our borders one week, and helping the brickies to build school halls to a budget in the next week.

Have a good morning Mike.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

June 4th, 2011 at 01:39am


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