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More proof that we’re winning in Iraq

I’m not normally a fan of the show “Top Gear” however tonight’s episode on the Nine Network will be well worth watching. In it, the two hosts (whose names escape me) travel to Iraq and kit up in full body armour, expecting it to be the most dangerous place on earth as per the general narrative in the media. After a while they realise that it is actually quite safe and declare it to be safer than some place in England.

More proof that we are doing much more good than harm in that country and should stay the course.


February 8th, 2011 at 12:54pm

Banks, cards, coins and obnoxious people

This dream took place in St. George Bank’s civic branch and started off over at a counter on the row of counters directly opposite the front door of the branch. I was standing at the 2nd counter from the left edge and corner of the counters.

For some reason I was having multiple bank cards weighed. The teller kept weighing the various cards (I counted five of them), writing notes about each one and seemed to be quite concerned. They “hmmmm”ed over a few cards for a while before bringing a few other tellers over who had much the same reaction. Eventually the teller brought three of the cards back to me and announced “it should be fixed now, the 11th vertex of the obligation was not fulfilled in an expected manner so we have removed the 12th and added an extra 10th, and we can add Candex Proton if it happens again”.

I thanked the teller, took my cards and then sat down where I was on the customer side of the counter, where a computer terminal popped up facing me and I started doing my day job, despite the fact that I was not at work. A person was also working two counters to my right.

A few moments later a rather loud and obnoxious woman who was noticeably overweight walked in and proclaimed rather loudly that she was from a charity and therefore her bags of coins should be weighed first as she had to take the money back to the store. She was also flailing her arms about quite a lot, making an awful racket with the three small bags of coins which she was carrying.

The noise was making it quite difficult to work, and was annoying me, the other person who was working and all of the bank staff who were busy fixing vertices on other bank cards. The woman kept getting louder and louder until eventually the manager came over with some scales and weighed the woman. Happy Dragon then came out from his office with a “vertex-adjusted bank card” and a few ten dollar notes, which he gave to her in exchange for the coins. Happy Dragon then took the coins back to his office, while the woman sat down with the manager in the middle of the bank and ate her lunch, and the dream ended.


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