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Back on deck

For now anyway. I have been quite unwell for the last few days which is the reason for my absence here.

I have a few things to write here but most of them have a lower priority than some other work that I’m doing so it may still be a tad quiet here for a day or so.

In the meantime I have corrected link number three in one of the recent Global Warming posts as I managed to link to the world temperature graph twice, at the expense of the article which I quoted from fairly extensively. Thanks to Brad for pointing out the error.

The photo gallery is also back online now. It’s been off the air for a bit over a month and I kept putting off working out what was wrong with it. I had a dream about the main problem yesterday afternoon, so I decided to fix it, only to find another problem…half the galleries were not being recognised…simple file permission problem though, easily fixed.

That reminds me that I still haven’t made the photos of Googong Dam from April publicly visible yet. I should do that soon…but a number of photos need captions and I need to write a blog post to go with it, so it won’t be today.

More later, right now I have a headache to deal with.


February 27th, 2009 at 12:39am


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