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Doctor John Howard

Former Prime Minister John Howard will receive an honorary doctorate from Bond University in Queensland today, although I can’t find details of what Mr. Howard will become an honorary doctor at this time.

John Howard, in my opinion, deserves a lot of credit for his mostly excellent four terms as Prime Minister, however I wonder if this particular doctorate is to do with his time as Prime Minister, or if it’s related to his long-term friendship of both Bond University and Chancellor Trevor C Rowe AM.

Regardless, I think the title of “doctor” a fitting tribute to a man who will go down in history as one of Australia’s best Prime Ministers.

Update: Bond University’s Acting Marketing & Communications Manager, Amanda Elms, was kind enough to send through some details about Mr. Howard’s award this morning. Unfortunately I was away from the computer at the time and as such was not able to update this blog post. Better late than never I suppose.

Former Prime Minister John Howard will receive the degree of Doctor of the University from Bond University Saturday in recognition of his long and distinguished service to Australia, his contribution to economic and social policy reform, and his support of a diversified higher education sector which recognised the valued contribution of non-government universities in Australia.


Bond University Vice Chancellor Professor Robert Stable said: “John Howard, through his policies, recognised and supported a more diverse higher education sector, which if you look at the North American example is critical in a world class education system.’’

A very well-deserved award. Congratulations Mr./Dr. Howard! End Update


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