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RIP The Loch Ness Monster

Continuing our not-quite-as-regular-as-I-had-envisaged feature on all of the terrible, horrible and downright awful things which are either claimed to have occurreed, or predicted to occur, due to global warming climate change (I can’t decide which one to us…the earth is cooling but we’re still hearing about the supposed effects of it warming), it seems that dear old Nessie is a victim of global warming climate change.

LEGENDARY Nessie hunter Robert Rines is giving up his search for the monster after 37 years.
World War II veteran Robert has devoted almost half his life to scouring Loch Ness.

He started in 1971. The following year, he watched a 25ft-long hump with the texture of elephant skin gliding through the water.

His original trip was to help another monster hunter with sonar equipment and quickly identified large moving targets.

He was smitten and returned the next year, which is when, he says: “I had the misfortune of seeing one of these things with my own eyes.”

Since then, he has been obsessed with tracking down the creature with a staggering array of hi-tech equipment. It was this gear that took the famous “flipper” picture that year which created a stir around the world.

Despite having hundreds of sonar contacts over the years, the trail has since gone cold and Rines believes that Nessie may be dead, a victim of global warming.

He still wants to check almost 100 contacts on the floor of the loch, believing one may be the monster’s remains.

This is surely one of the more outrageous claims relating to planetary heating (hmmm, that’s a good name for it), especially seeing as no evidence is supplied to back up the claim…although why would we need evidence if we can just blame planetary heating (oh, you didn’t like the name?) climate change.

In 1975, the trained physicist and inventor managed to get a photograph in the murky waters of the loch which apparently showed the body, flipper, neck and head of an animal.

Oh, silly me there is proof, he’s a “trained physicist”, well that’s good enough for me. Somebody get out the freezer and the pacemaker…we have a monster to cool down and bring back to life!


February 19th, 2009 at 03:09pm

More tax problems for the Obama administration

Where does it end? How many more tax problems are going to fall out of the books of the people in Barack Obama’s administration?

This time it’s White House chief of staff Rahm “Rambo” Emanuel with problems, a man who, incidentally, was on the board of Freddie Mac in the early part of this decade when the board ignored fraudulent activity according to The Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight Agency. Needless to say, that particular issue at Freddie Mac is partially responsible for the current global economic crisis.

Anyway, back to Emanuel’s tax problem. He lived rent-free in the home of Democratic Congresswoman Rosa De Lauro for five years, the value of which exceeds $100,000, which effectively makes it taxable income and based on previous case law in the United States, it will be up to Emanuel to prove that it wasn’t taxable income, not for the IRS to prove that it was, should this matter come up for audit.

It’s not just the taxation side of things which are problematic for Emanuel here, there is also an ethical issue. Mr. Emanuel and Mrs. De Lauro claim that the accommodation was a gift…well that may be so, but if it is the case, then Emanuel was supposed to declare the gift as per the congressional ethics rules…but he didn’t.

I’m also forced to wonder why a multimillionaire such as Emanuel needed free accommodation.

And there’s more. Mrs. De Lauro’s husband is Democratic pollster Stan Greenburg. During the time that Mr. Emmanuel was living in the De Lauro/Greenburg house, he was serving on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee which granted Greenburg contracts in excess of $550,000. Can anyone spell conflict of interest?

On the bright side, as one of the people responsible for the global economic crisis, he should be in a perfect position to explain how it all happened, and how to reverse it…although I shouldn’t be so optimistic, in reality I doubt that Emanuel would be stupid enough to incriminate himself by telling us all about his full role in the economic crisis.


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An update from Maritz

This email landed in my inbox in the early hours of this morning. Unfortunately it is not good news.

Dear to Mr. Samuel on today,

I am have still not been hear from of doctors in Russia at hospital where Mother of Russia is which was causing many concern and worry for me as I am not knowing of what is happening to her.

Dear and wonderful Uncle Boris did driving from other side of Russia for long time to see Mother and he did do tephlephone call to me in minutes not long ago which was very much nice to be doing hear from him but he was not having the good newses. There is strange rule of in hospital in this part of the Russia that they can only be doing talks to family who are the direct family and Uncle Boris has to be doing prove to them that he is of direct family and is directly the brother of Mother which he is but now has to be waiting for the birth certificate to be done of send from fax in the registry office.

This is rule of very silly in to me for opinion as I do not see how it can be cause problems to have in-law people of relation at the very least for talking to of problems even if not of the doing permissions.

The doctors would not be do say of why they have not been do call of me on tephlephone and so I will do ring them today although I did have try yesterday which was not good as they were not able to be doing answering due to some emergency in hospital and they were busy.

The good news is that I did do speak to lovely elderly neighbour of Mother Mrs. Stroshlopcnefravinich Frorshnik who is be do of say that nice mouse Squeelivich is happy and healthy and has been much happy with tasty treats of boiled pumpkin which cheese on top. I did not know that mouses did do like of pumpkin but it is good to be knowing that they are.

I am must now be having some sleeping time before going to work of gardens in morning where nice Mr. Boss has done say that I can be making tephlephone call of international to Russia and also be receiving the calls if the need is OK because of conditions with Mother who I am do hope is of better than when she was found on weekend.

Please be doing and have day of much wonderful.

From Maritz
Ms. Maritzkrozlavsky Throrglasnishozly

Well ain’t that a bureaucratic nightmare at its worst. How tempted would you be under those circumstances to break in to the hospital and find your relative regardless of what the front office administrators say?


February 19th, 2009 at 06:35am


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