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Surprise Surprise Gotcha

Channel Nine are currently running a program titled “Surprise Surprise Gotcha” which plays elaborate practical jokes on people of some note, usually celebrities or people who work in the media. The television guide describes it as follows:

Welcome to the world of Surprise Surprise Gotcha. Matt Tilley and Jackie O host a surreal world of hidden cameras, where illusion becomes reality. It’s stunts, stars and strings where unsuspecting celebrities play the lead role without knowing it!

I think they meant “stings” rather than “strings”, but the promos for this show have been running for most of the week and I’ve been trying to work out why the show seemed familiar. It turns out that this is a new series of a show that was on during the 1990s (or possibly 2000) under the name “Surprise Surprise”. Tonight they will be replaying one of the stunts they played on Livinia Nixon with the assistance of Ed Phillips where they locked them in a phone booth. I’m glad they will be replaying that stunt as it is what jogged my memory about the show.

It is a very entertaining show and I am looking forward to the rest of it.


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Every Car Stolen Dream

Time for the other dream I had the other night.

In this dream I was living in a building which looked just like my workplace, but happened to be up the other end of the street from it. I walked downstairs to check the mail and noticed a red piece of paper sticking out of my letterbox. At first, thinking it was advertising, I came close to discarding it, but for some reason I started to read it:

“Dear Sir/Madam,

I apologise for the inconvenience but I have stolen every car in Canberra.

Have a good day.

Your friendly international terrorist”

I then went inside and rang the police, who said that it was “terrible” and would give us all helicopters as a replacement.

Another strange flu induced dream.


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