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Clive Robertson Cooking Up A Holiday In My Kitchen

One of the few benefits of the flu is the amount of sleep it allows me to get during the day when I usually have better dreams, and I had two good ones yesterday. I’ll share one with you today, and the other one I will save for tomorrow.

In this dream I am in my kitchen making myself a cup of tea with one sugar and no milk. As I take out the tea bag and turn around to place it in the bin I notice that 2UE’s Clive Robertson is standing at my kitchen bench stirring a plastic cooking container. I decide to ask Clive a question which has been on my mind for a few days…is he going on holidays soon? So I walk over to him and ask the question, and instead of answering it, he starts to tell me all about the rice he is cooking.

Clive’s story is interrupted after a minute or so by two men standing on the other side of the bench, Channel Seven’s Bruce McAvaney and Dennis Cometti, who both start commentating Clive’s cooking efforts. They both get very excited when Clive puts the rice in the microwave oven, and become increasingly excited as the microwave counts down, and are both absolutely ecstatic when Clive “wins” the game by taking the cooked rice out of the microwave.

After this Clive drinks my cup of tea and the dream ends.

I’m sure Clive will be disappointed that, once again, he is appearing in the dreams of a male.


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Good Morning John Stanley!

Good morning Mr. Stanley,

Ever since the time you did that marathon shift where you filled in for John Laws and then ran your own show as well, I have considered you to be a very likely candidate to take over Lawsie's job when he retires, and this morning you have proven it by being the first 2UE presenter to run in to the studio when he was confirmed as running late.

The last time I recall hearing anything like this was when the late Stan Zemanek was running late and somebody filled in for him for a while…and if I remember correctly Stan hosted some of the show from a mobile phone.

And don't be so sure about there being no spelling tests for radio announcers. I clearly remember you putting your listeners through that torture earlier this year with that agonising spelling competition where you had a whole of heap of illiterate callers ring in and try to spell words. The success rate was about 5%!

Have a great day John. Hopefully today isn't another double shift for you.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

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Petrol Excise

After hearing a mildly dubious phone call to John Kerr on 2CC this morning, I have sent the following email to Tanya Plibersek MP, the Labor member for the federal seat of Sydney and shadow minister for human services, housing, youth and women.

Dear Ms. Plibersek,

I am writing in relation to call to 2UE’s overnight program (relayed through a number of other stations) at about 1:30 this morning (Monday September 17, 2007) in which the caller claimed to have received an email from your office stating that, if Labor are elected to government, you plan on increasing the petrol excise by six cents per litre.

I must say that I find this claim quite extraordinary, and I am wondering if it is accurate. Do you plan on increasing the petrol excise by six cents per litre, or any other amount for that matter?

Please note that I am publishing this email on my website at and intend on publishing your reply unless you explicitly request otherwise.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart


Postal Address:
PO Box 1272
Dickson ACT 2602

Mobile: xxxx xxx xxx

I have blotted out my mobile number in this reproduction, however I did include it in my email to Ms. Plibersek. I look forward to her reply.


September 17th, 2007 at 08:49am


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