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Stan Zemanek

If you know me then you know that I would never post the following unless I thought it was accurate.

I’ve just heard from a reliable source close to the Zemanek family who has passed on some bad news about Stan Zemanek. It is fairly well known publicly that Stan Zemanek’s battle with cancer has not been going well in the last few weeks, and the latest news is not good. It would appear that Stan has only been given a few days to live.

Last time we heard news like that, it was just the sort of challenge Stan needed to pull through, so I can only hope that the same thing happens this time.

My thoughts and prayers go to Stan and his wife Marcella at this time.

Update: Looks like all the newspapers know as well…I should probably have checked them before posting this story. None the less, the sentiment remains, and although the future does look grim for Stan Zemanek, I do hope he pulls through. End Update


July 5th, 2007 at 09:06am

Fresh Blueberries…They Still Exist!

A couple months back I was musing about the difficulty I was having in finding fresh blueberries due to fruit shops not buying them as they were selling for $9 per punnet, and eventually I gave in and bought the somewhat more soggy frozen blueberries.

Well this morning I received a very welcome surprise when 2CC’s Mike Jeffreys announced that he saw the fabled fresh blueberries in IGA Ainslie last night for $11 per punnet…it’s a high price for a small package of blueberries, but they are that rare that I’m willing to pay the price.

It’s good to know that my favourite fruit is being sold somewhere…I might just have to visit IGA Ainslie today before the blueberries vanish again.


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