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Stuart Bocking gets a 2CC Promo

Fresh from his appearance on a rather peculiar beat-up of a story on Media Watch earlier this week, Stuart Bocking is the latest 2UE based presenter to get a 2CC promo.

It’s great to see 2CC putting in the time and effort to promote their programs as I’m sure there are plenty of people who tune in for one show and ignore the rest, and it’s good to see 2CC finally recognising that.

The logical next step, and one they may undertake closer to the next ratings period, is promote their programs in other media. One does have to wonder if we will see a few ads here and there on commercial television for 2CC. It would be quite a stretch from the usual budget, but would be a good idea, especially during news and current affairs programming.

Update: Add Sharina’s Psychic Boredom to that list. Looks like 2CC aren’t sparing any show from the promo extravaganza. End Update


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The RiotACT Offline Two Days In A Row

As I write this, relatively popular local website The RiotACT is offline. Normally a website going down for a while wouldn’t be even remotely worthy of me posting it here as a news story of any significance unless there were special circumstances applying to the site, however in this case it is newsworthy because a similar thing happened yesterday.

I didn’t actually notice RiotACT go offline yesterday as I spent a few hours in the morning getting Samuel’s Persiflage online, slept most of the day, woke up, had something to eat, and went to work. However when I went to check RiotACT I noticed that there was a short message from site admin Johnboy mentioning that the site had been offline for a while due to a database issue, the site had been restored from a backup, and most things from that day had been lost.

This morning RiotACT is down again, and whilst I didn’t see what happened yesterday and therefore can’t compare the two incidents, I can say that it really doesn’t look like a database issue this time, as visiting the RiotACT home page prompts me to download a file, which turns out to be the WordPress standard index.php file:

/* Short and sweet */
define(‘WP_USE_THEMES’, true);

Visiting any direct links to articles, which in theory should direct your request to index.php for processing via an Apache mod_rewrite rule, is returning a completely blank page…no headers, no nothing!

It will be interesting to see what explanation is provided if and when RiotACT is brought back to life this time.

Update: Apparently this time they were offline due to a botched upgrade. End Update


May 24th, 2007 at 03:42am


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