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Mike Bailey

Good evening Stuart,

Mike Bailey is an odd choice as a celebrity candidate for Labor, although I can see one potential benefit.

Currently whenever a politician speaks in parliament there is a super (graphic) on the screen showing their name and which electorate they represent. Most of us wouldn't have the faintest clue where most of these electorates are, but Mike, with his amazing experience pointing at maps, could appear on camera momentarily pointing at the electorate in question…then if time permits, he could fulfil his portfolio of "minister for weather" by telling us about the weather in that electorate.

I certainly wouldn't want to be the minister for weather…imagine having to take the blame for all the floods and droughts and cyclones…and getting the blame for wrong weather forecasts. I suppose it would be of some use to have a minister for weather if we could control the weather, but otherwise, what qualities is Mike Bailey going to bring to parliament?

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

May 22nd, 2007 at 08:57pm

Queanbeyan Community radio Station 2QBN Breaches Licence Conditions

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has found that Queanbeyan Community Radio Inc, the licensee of community radio service 2QBN Queanbeyan, breached the condition of its licence that requires it to encourage members of the community it serves to participate in the operations and programming of the service.

2QBN also breached the Community Broadcasting Codes of Practice 2002 by not having volunteer guidelines or a written conflict resolution policy in place.

ACMA investigated complaints that 2QBN had rejected a number of membership applications, denied access and equity to community members, discriminated against members of the community it serves, engaged in inadequate management practices, did not have guidelines in place regarding the principles of volunteering and did not have a written policy and procedure in place in relation to internal conflict resolution within the organisation.

In light of these breaches of the licence condition and code, ACMA will now move to pursue compliance measures addressing the potential for future breaches of the relevant licence condition and code provisions. ACMA will be writing to Queanbeyan Community Radio Inc shortly about the proposed compliance actions, details of which will be announced when finalised.

A copy of the investigation report is available on the ACMA website.

Thanks to Irene in Brisbane for the tipoff. Article courtesy ACMA.


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I can hardly say that I’m surprised, but Samuel’s Persiflage is now officially delayed until tonight.

A number of reasons including technicial difficulties have forced this, and I apologise. I will not sleep until it is online, however I do have to go to work.

Update: Who wants to hear a story? I have a bit of time to elaborate on the rushed text above, so I will. At about 4:30 this morning I interviewed Bill Grady, this was fine apart from a few technical glitches which resulted in multiple files and more editing being required than I originally expected. The interview itself was a bit under an hour in length, but we didn’t finish up until just after 6am, at which time I decided to finally go to bed and get some sleep. A bit before 11am I got up and did a number of things I needed to do, which meant it was a bit after midday when I finally got back to the podcast. There was some editing to do, a few script changes, more editing, lunch during the times when the computer was processing bits and pieces, and I even got the show notes done during processing times…3:45pm was my deadline, I had to be out the door by then, everything was going to plan and I was to start the upload of the mp3s when I noticed something rather odd…the mp3s were saved, but then blanked. The plan had been to start the upload from home and then post all the show notes remotely, but that plan was no longer plausible.

There is one good thing to come from this delay. In my haste I used the wrong intro for one segment and I can now go back and fix that. As I won’t be in a position to even access those files until a bit after midnight, it will be a bit after that when the show gets online.

I think it will be worth the wait as I have taken a lot of the feedback from the last year and a half of podcasting on board in an effort to make Samuel’s Persiflage more of what the listeners want…there are still a few changes to come and I’m happy to receive more constructive feedback from listeners.

I’m sorry about the delay, this is one project where I really did try to meet my self imposed deadline, and then when I saw that it wasn’t going to be possible I tried to get things done within a few hours of the deadline…I even had a plan devised to allow me to get some of it done from elsewhere, but in the end a bunch of inconvenient technical problems prevented it.

One of the big changes is that the podcast is going to be shorter (after this episode…I had far too much to discuss with Bill to shorten this episode), probably around 40 minutes per episode. This will allow me to easily have more regular episodes…I’m hoping that you will take part in some of them…although that gives away a bit too much information about an announcement in the episode, so I’ll stop writing and let you hear it for yourself.
End Update

Further update: Looks like it’s a good thing everything went pear shaped earlier as it looks like I didn’t use the wrong music to introduce the editorial segment…I didn’t include the editorial segment! Everything has been fixed up now and I am on track for a 3am release.
End Update


May 22nd, 2007 at 03:45pm


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