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It would appear from the Blog View Stats that every few days, somebody lands on this blog by using the search term “samuel blog 2CC”. This strikes me as a rather odd set of words to combine as a search term, I mean, sure I’m a 2CC listener, but I think you would have to know me or be a regular reader to know that, so I would like to request that the person who is using that search term to please let me know why you use it.

There is nothing wrong with you using it, I’m just curious as to why you use it. Could you please leave a comment or email me?


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Blogger or WordPress?

I must say that is starting to irk me, it does it’s job, but it isn’t exactly useful. It does tend to create some of the most appalling HTML on the planet, working with more than two images is pretty painful, and everything is STATIC! It also doesn’t provide me with a way to edit comments (keep or delete is all I get), I can’t assign categories to posts…in fact, pretty much all I can do is type.

I am seriously considering moving this blog to paid hosting and WordPress, which is a very nice, dynamic blogging utility (utility is probably the wrong word, but I like it). It probably won’t happen instantly, maybe my next holidays in a couple months would be a good time…but eventually this blog is not going to be on servers using software and’s strange version of HTML.

(Postscript Addendum Thingy: I accidentally clicked on the insert image button and then decided to click cancel because I didn’t want it….so blogger inserted the latest Samuel In Dolgnwot image…..grrrrr)


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Samuel’s Artwork: Samuel In Dolgnwot

More Samuel In Dolgnwot! Yay!
Today you can see Samuel having fun with his lights and fans in his futuristic truck.

Turning them on and off constantly is obviously quite a good quality source of enjoyment for Samuel, and he is the only person on the goldfields in 1857 with the ability to do it.

Clicking on the picture will show a larger version, you can also find it on the photo gallery.


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Blog View Stats for July

Due to inane difficulties with images and formatting, the previous post containing the stats from July has been removed, and I have instead uploaded the various reports in PDF format to



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