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I got my new ACTION School Term bus ticket yesterday, which will be used for term three.
If the ACTION School Term bus tickets’ serial numbers are issued & printed in order then my new term ticket is the 2297th term ticket issued since the last one I got.

By now you probably think I am completely out of my mind, why do I care and why did I bother to check?…well, I’m glad you asked!

I was sitting down in the lounge room and noticed that my new term ticket was on the seat next to me, as was my St. George Bank card holder (which holds my bus ticket), and so I thought that it would be a good time to take out the old one and put in the new one. At that stage I noticed a similarity, the serial number both started the same way and seemed to have a lot of numbers in common (I gathered that from a quick glance at them near each other), this made me think “How similar are these numbers?” and so I checked.

The old ticket has serial number 05 -270704- 02522
The new ticket has serial number 05 -270704- 04819 which make my new ticket the 2297th ACTION Term Ticket issued since my last ticket.

ACTION School Term bus tickets sell for $55 which means that ACTION have made $126,335 in term tickets sales since my last term ticket.

Now, my new ticket goes into my card holder, and my old ticket goes into my bus ticket collection. (It is a bigish collection, it contains most of my bus tickets from the last 5-10 years.) Actually, to be more precise, the collection has a main pile of credit card size reusable* bus tickets, and a seperate collection of small paper single ride only tickets.

*Reusable tickets are only reusable as per the terms of purchase


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London Bombings

I wish to send my condolences to all who have suffered as a result of the despicable acts of mass murder that occurred in London. The first I heard of it was at the end of 7 News (around 6:30pm Local Time) which was about half an hour after the event. It sounded big, but I didn’t grasp the event until later on in the evening when the various TV & Radio station canceled normal programming to take the coverage of the event.

I wish all the people well that were affected by the London Bombings, and hope that such events don’t happen again, although that is probably just wishful thinking.


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Blog News

As you may have noticed, some of the images and links from here haven’t been working over the last 48 hours. This has been due to some minor physical relocation of the server which hosts my photo gallery amongst other things. The relocation has been completed and that server is now back online.


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