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Live streaming of the 2009 Melbourne Cup

For the benefit of those of you who find yourself in a place where you can not watch the race on television or hear it on the radio, here is a list of webstreams which are known to be broadcasting the race live at 3pm Melbourne time (GMT+11).

Sport 927 (Melbourne): Windows Media
SKY Sports Radio (Sydney): Flash Player
ACTTAB Radio (Canberra): Winamp/iTunes
2CC (Canberra): Windows Media
RadioTAB (Brisbane): Windows Media

Bigpond are allegedly streaming live video of the race at 3pm. I’m not sure how accurate this is though, as the other times I’ve seen live video streams offered of the race, they have not been live, but rather delayed until after the completion of the race, due to Seven’s rights to the live video.

Full results will be posted here at the completion of the race, including TAB dividends as they come in, and the full list of finishers in the order that they pass the post.


November 3rd, 2009 at 11:14am

Samuel’s Melbourne Cup tips for 2009

With the usual disclaimers about how I haven’t picked a Cup winner since 1994, here are my top three tips for this year:

4: Master O’Reilly
6: Roman Emperor
17: Spin Around

Maritz provided a lengthy and hard to follow tip, however she has condensed it to:
3: Fiumicino, because of the number 859.

As usual, results will be posted as they come in, including the full list of finishers in their order of finishing.

If you have a gambling problem, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14, or the relevant support group in your jurisdiction.


November 3rd, 2009 at 09:00am

Melbourne Cup Results

As usual I’ll be providing results as they happen

Or I might be sleeping. Sorry, but I slept through most of the day.

Anyway, the results:
1st: 10 – Viewed. Win $45.50. Place $14.00
2nd: 12 – Bauer. Place $6.50
3rd: 4 – C’est La Guerre. Place $7.80
Quinella $553.20. Exacta $1156.30. Trifecta $22,324.20

Full list of finishers:
1st: Viewed
2nd: Bauer
3rd: C’est La Guerre
4th: Master O’Reilly
5th: Profound Beauty
6th: Moatize
7th: Mad Rush
8th: Nom du Jeu
9th: Zipping
10th: Newport
11th: Ice Chariot
12th: Guyno
13th: Littorio
14th: Varevees
15th: Boundless
16th: Red Lord
17th: Prize Lady
18th: Septimus
19th: Barbaricus
20th: Alessandro Volta
21st/Last: Honolulu
Did not finish: Gallopin
Scratched: Yellowstone, Zarita

And that means that, as usual, the owners of the horses that I tipped should have just packed up their bags and gone home:
Nom Du Jeu: 8th
Littorio: 13th
Alessandro Volta: 20th


November 4th, 2008 at 09:29pm

Melbourne Cup Tips

It’s that time of the day on the first Tuesday in November when the owners, trainers, jockeys and other connections start refreshing the page on this blog constantly, waiting to see if their horse is one of the three which might as well go home. Yes, it’s time for me to tip three horses which I think are likely to come first, second and third in the Melbourne Cup.

My tips:
Nom Du Jeu
Alessandro Volta

If you can’t be near a TV or radio at 3PM, but still want to hear the race, then there are a number of webstreams available. As usual I’ll link to a few because they’re likely to hit their listener limits around race time and if you can’t get on to one, you may be able to get on to another one.
Sport 927 Melbourne
2KY 1017 Sydney
ACTTAB Radio Canberra 88.7FM

As usual I’ll be providing results as they happen, and will have the full list of finishers from first to last as soon as it’s published (I’m usually ahead of the news websites and Channel Seven with that one!) so if you’re running a sweep and need that list to see who came last, don’t change the page, just refresh it!

If you’re betting today, good luck, and please bet with your head, not over it. If you need help with a gambling problem, give Lifeline Canberra a call on 13 11 14 or your local gambling helpline.


November 4th, 2008 at 05:08am

Melbourne Cup Results

Official results:
1st: 6 – Efficient – Win $22.40 – Place $7.00
2nd: Purple Moon – Place $1.80
3rd: Mahler – Place $4.00
Quinella $76.10
Exacta $176.90
Trifecta $1431.00

Dividends are Super TAB dividends which are used by ACTTAB, the Victorian TAB and a few others. Dividends may vary in your area.

Where they all finished:
1. Efficient
2. Purple Moon
3. Mahler
4. Zipping
5. Dolphin Jo
6. On A Jeune
7. Blue Monday
8. Master O’Reilly
9. Sculptor
10. Lazer Sharp
11. Douro Valley
12. Sirmione
13. Princess Coup
14. Tawqeet
15. Eskimo Queen
16. Scenic Shot
17. Black Tom
18. Sarrera
19. Blutigeroo
20. Railings
21. Tungsten Strike
Scratched: Gallic, Maybe Better, The Fuzz

If you need help with a gambling problem call Lifeline on 13 11 14 in the ACT, or your local gambling support service.


4 comments November 6th, 2007 at 02:52pm

Samuel’s Melbourne Cup Tip

As I’ve said half a dozen times in various places already in the last twelve hours, I’m usually quite hopeless at picking Melbourne Cup winners, so I was going to let the computers at ACTTAB pick three random horses instead, but then I had a nap and woke up with three numbers stuck in my head for no apparent reason, and therefore my tips are:

1 – Tawqeet
3 – Blutigeroo
15 – Scenic Shot

I will be putting these three numbers in as one of ACTTAB’s $15 cup packs which will provide me with a $1 win and place bet on each horse, and a boxed quinella and trifecta with all the horses. The bottom line with this is that I will get some of my outlay back if one of the horses comes first, second or third, and I will get more for combinations of first, second and third.

If you decide to have a punt, do so with care, only bet what you can afford to lose, and all the best with it.

The race takes place at 3pm Melbourne time (GMT +11) and will be broadcast live on the Seven Network and affilliates, Sky Channel, most radio stations (in Canberra 2CC and 2CA have access to the official radio feed of the Melbourne Cup from the official radio partner Southern Cross/Macquarie/Fairfax Broadcasting (depending on who owns that bit of the company right now)), and will also be live on the various webstreams such as ACTTAB Radio, 2KY Racing Radio and Sport 927. All the webstreams will sound the same but I expect some of them to hit capacity, which is why I provided multiple options.

The race results will also be published here, just like they are every year.

If you have a gambling problem call Lifeline in the ACT on 13 11 14, or the relevant gambling helpline in your jurisdiction.


10 comments November 6th, 2007 at 06:42am

Melbourne Race Eight

Updated and rewritten for “correct weight” final dividends

1st: Polar Bear (Win: $3.00) (Place: $1.50)
2nd: Lancettier (Place: $6.40)
3rd: Dr. Nipandtuck (Place: $3.20)

Quinella: $35.80
Exacta: $53.50
Trifecta: $613.40
Running Double on the Melbourne Cup and Race Eight: $47.50

Unfortunately I took a quinella in this race and got first and third…oh well.

Correct weight, results now paying! Gambling problems? Contact your local gambling support service, in Canberra that’s Lifeline on 13 11 14


6 comments November 7th, 2006 at 03:59pm

Melbourne Cup Finishing Order

Here is the complete rundown of who came where in the Melbourne Cup

4th: Zipping
5th: Land ‘n Stars
6th: Mahtoum
7th: Yeats
8th: Activation
9th: Mandela
10th: Glistening
11th: Kerry O’Reilly
12th: Railings
13th: Headturner
14th: Short Pause
15th: Dolphin Jo
16th: Art Success
17th: Dizelle
18th: Geordieland
19th: Tawqeet
20th: On A Jeune
21st: Demerger
22nd: Ice Chariot
23rd: Zabeat.
Scratched: Efficient


November 7th, 2006 at 03:48pm

Melbourne Cup Interim Results

I hope you had a grain of salt handy, because my tips did nothing!

Update 3:24pm: Correct Weight! Results now paying! End Update

2: Delta Blue (Win: $17.50) (Place: $5.50)
12: Pop Rock (Place: $2.10)
23: Maybe Better (Place: $3.90)

Quinella: $41.30
Exacta: $91.80
Trifecta: $1100.40

Results are interim and are SuperTAB results (Victoria TAB, ACTTAB etc), NSW TAB and UNITAB results may vary.

If you have a gambling problem, contact your local gambling support service, which in the ACT is Lifeline on 13 11 14.


11 comments November 7th, 2006 at 03:20pm

Melbourne Cup Tips

Have you got your grain of salt ready? Yes? Good! You might need it considering what I said last year before the Melbourne Cup.

I have to agree with most experts who say that Makybe Diva will not win. It was fairly obvious in my view that she wouldn’t be scratched, but she won’t win. Don’t get me wrong, I think she is a very good horse, but I just don’t think she will win.

Perhaps that is best forgotten…I did manage to pick the horse which came second, so it wasn’t a complete disaster.

This year I am tipping four horses in no particular order, hopefully they will be the first four across the line.

3: Railings
5: Geordieland
11: On A Jeune
20: Glistening

I’ve also picked up Yeats in John Kerr’s New Day Australia sweep, I’m in a sweep at work and don’t know which horse I have yet, and will probably be in another sweep by mid-morning.

I also have three tips for the race following the Melbourne Cup

1: Roman Arch (Update 9:25am: It’s Scratched…sorry)
2: Polar Bear
13: Dr Nipandtuck

Update 9:25am: On my way into work today I stopped at an ACTTAB agency (Hello Margaret…good to see you again after all these years) and put a two dollar boxed quinella on both races, costing $12 for the Melbourne Cup and $2 for the next race (I’ll explain that if you like). I also placed a 50 cent place bet on the Melbourne Cup costing $2. This is where I found out that Roman Arch is scratched, and running on my policy of not changing a bet, continued the bet with the remaining horses.End Update

Channel Seven will have full coverage of every race and associated events at Flemington, hosted by my favourite television sport personality Bruce McAvaney. Southern Cross Syndication are the exclusive distributor of the Melbourne Cup to commercial radio (other than the racing stations) and I will probably listen to 2CC’s relay of it, possibly while watching Channel Seven and checking the delay.

For those of you who are nowhere near a radio or a television, Sport 927, 2KY, ACTTAB Radio, 2UE, 2GB and many others all have webstreams and will all be covering the race, which gets underway at 3pm. Of those, 2UE and 2GB will likely have a surrounding program, whilst the others will have mahy other races to cover before and after the Cup.

If you have an account with the NSW or Victorian TAB, you can watch the race live online via Sky Channel.

And of course, if you have a gambling problem, contact your local gambling support service, which in the ACT is Lifeline on 13 11 14. Of course the best advice is to avoid a gambling problem in the first place by following the simple rule of “only bet what you can afford to lose”. Lifeline also have a bunch of information and advice on gambling problems here.

Good luck!


17 comments November 7th, 2006 at 01:35am

Melbourne Cup Review

This has to be the most number of posts on one subject I have ever posted that doesn’t have a category of it’s own. Anyway, let’s have a look at how the Melbourne Cup went.

Firstly congratulations must go to Makybe Diva and my mum who tipped Makybe Diva.

I checked to see what the various Canberra radio station did for the Melbourne Cup, and I noticed that the ABC appeared to have their own coverage, the two major FM stations shared another coverage, and 2CC and 2CA both used a direct feed from race caller Greg Miles (presumably from the Southern Cross Syndication coverage).

2CC went to the news at about eight to three and then went to Welshy who then took us to Flemington, interupted to tell us there was a delay, played about 15 seconds of music and took us back to Flemington.

2CA ran a delayed version of 2CC’s news at five to three (or maybe it was pre-recorded and the stations played it when they were ready), At the end of the news Gregg Easton provided the weather report and then joined the Melbourne Cup coverage.

At this point in time I noticed that 2CC & 2CA were about 5 seconds ahead of Channel 7, who also used Greg Miles. At this time I turned off the radio and watched the race unfold on Channel 7.

As for my tips, well…
On A Jeune came 2nd
Leica Falcon came 4th
Railings came 14th

Nattie’s tip, Strasbourg came 18th.

I have added my quote of “I have to agree with most experts who say that Makybe Diva will not win” to the random quote list with the subtext “Samuel a few hours before Makybe Diva won the 2005 Melbourne Cup”. I suppose I had a 23 in 24 chance of being right about that!


1 comment November 1st, 2005 at 08:32pm

Melbourne Cup Top 8

Alrighty then, time for the top eight from the Melbourne Cup
1. Makybe Diva
16. On A Jeune
8. Xcellent
22. Leica Falcon
13. Lachlan River
14. Portland Singa
19. Envoy
2. Vinnie Roe

And last was Franklins Gardens which walked across the finish line.

For the record, Xcellent was the first horse in history to start the Melbourne Cup with a name starting with the letter X.

Full finishing results:
Leica Falcon
Lachlan River
Portland Singa
Vinnie Roe
Eye Popper
Greys Inn
Hugs Dancer
Mr Celebrity
Franklins Gardens

Whilst Channel 7 tell us that Franklins Gardens did finish the race, other sources say it didn’t…as Channel 7 provided that information after the other sources I am more inclined to believe Channel 7.


November 1st, 2005 at 03:58pm

Melbourne Cup Final Results

We have Correct Weight!

1st: 1. Makybe Diva (Win: $3.60, Place: $2.00)
2nd: 16. On A Jeune (Place: $14.60)
3rd: 8. Xcellent (Place: $5.80)

UPDATE: Official finishing time 3:19.17

Trifecta 1-16-8 $4,951.70
Quinella 1 & 16 $164.60
Exacta 1-16 $197.50
Duet 1 & 16 $36.90
Duet 1 & 8 $19.90
Duet 16 & 8 $180.20
Running Double (Race 6 Number 6 & Race 7 Number 1) $117.90

Further placings as they come to hand.

Dividends are Super TAB which encompasses the Victorian TAB, ACTTAB and many more.


5 comments November 1st, 2005 at 03:31pm

Melbourne Cup Interim Results

1st: 1-Makybe Diva
2nd: 16-On A Jeune
3rd: 8-Xcellent
4th: 22-Leica Falcon*

*4th place according to race caller


November 1st, 2005 at 03:10pm

Melbourne Cup Tips

The time has come for me to announce my Melbourne Cup tips for this year.

I have to agree with most experts who say that Makybe Diva will not win. It was fairly obvious in my view that she wouldn’t be scratched, but she won’t win. Don’t get me wrong, I think she is a very good horse, but I just don’t think she will win.

Anyway, my top three selections
7: Railings
16: On A Juene
22: Leica Falcon

And a tip from Nattie
21: Strasbourg (Well it is a food word).

The race gets underway at 3pm (GMT+11). If you can’t be near a TV to see Channel 7’s coverage (or the Sky Channel coverage) and you can’t make it to a radio (most radio stations will cover it) then you could always listen to it on the 2KY Racing Radio webstream (Website is down, but webstream still works) or the Sport 927 webstream or even the ACTTAB Radio Webstream.

Of course I’ll bring you results from the race as well.

Whoever you pick, good luck and enjoy the afternoon.

Just like last year’s Melbourne Cup day, it is raining here in Canberra.


November 1st, 2005 at 12:32pm

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