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November 1st, 2005 at 08:32pm

This has to be the most number of posts on one subject I have ever posted that doesn’t have a category of it’s own. Anyway, let’s have a look at how the Melbourne Cup went.

Firstly congratulations must go to Makybe Diva and my mum who tipped Makybe Diva.

I checked to see what the various Canberra radio station did for the Melbourne Cup, and I noticed that the ABC appeared to have their own coverage, the two major FM stations shared another coverage, and 2CC and 2CA both used a direct feed from race caller Greg Miles (presumably from the Southern Cross Syndication coverage).

2CC went to the news at about eight to three and then went to Welshy who then took us to Flemington, interupted to tell us there was a delay, played about 15 seconds of music and took us back to Flemington.

2CA ran a delayed version of 2CC’s news at five to three (or maybe it was pre-recorded and the stations played it when they were ready), At the end of the news Gregg Easton provided the weather report and then joined the Melbourne Cup coverage.

At this point in time I noticed that 2CC & 2CA were about 5 seconds ahead of Channel 7, who also used Greg Miles. At this time I turned off the radio and watched the race unfold on Channel 7.

As for my tips, well…
On A Jeune came 2nd
Leica Falcon came 4th
Railings came 14th

Nattie’s tip, Strasbourg came 18th.

I have added my quote of “I have to agree with most experts who say that Makybe Diva will not win” to the random quote list with the subtext “Samuel a few hours before Makybe Diva won the 2005 Melbourne Cup”. I suppose I had a 23 in 24 chance of being right about that!


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  • 1. John B1_B5  |  November 1st, 2005 at 11:42 pm

    Some ‘dufus’ on 2CC was heard to say that there was no way Makybe Diva could win …. and he was supposed to be an “expert” !

    Whilst on the topic of ‘misleading information’ , I would like to point out that 2UE’s “On this Day” segment got it TOTALLY WRONG yesterday when they said that Les Darcy, the Australian boxer died on this day ( October 31 ) .
    In fact he died on May 24th, 1917 !

    Darcy was vilified by some for not enlisting in the war and was denied a passport to go to the US to fight for the official world title. On the eve of the 1916 conscription referendum he stowed away on a ship bound for New York.

    Soon after his arrival, the US was also caught up in war fever. Darcy volunteered for the US Army to avoid further criticism and began training for the world title, but he collapsed and was found to be suffering from a badly infected tooth. The infection spread to his bloodstream and he died of septicaemia (blood poisoning ) on 24 May 1917, aged just 21.

    Criticism had faded when Darcy’s body arrived home for burial. As with so many other young Australians during the war years, Darcy’s death represented promise unfulfilled.


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