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The legal abduction and the protective dingo

I had a dream that a man stormed in to my house to announce that he was starting a convoluted legal process to abduct me. I wasn’t happy about it, but went along with it at first as I thought he was the same man that had abducted a work colleague, and this was a chance to save them.

As part of the legal process, I was evicted from my house, without any of my property except clothing, for 24 hours. I informed the man that he had to record weather updates for my hobby radio station in my absence, and then left. It was nearly 5pm and I realised that work would be expecting me at any moment, but without my phone I could not inform them that I would not be coming in as I was being abducted.

The next thing I knew, I was hiding in a cupboard so that the court-appointed pre-abduction psychiatrist couldn’t find me. Unfortunately the cupboard did not have a door, but only a curtain, which the psychiatrist stuck her nose through.

Suddenly I realised I was sharing the cupboard with a dingo. The dingo scared the psychiatrist away and then kept me company. I gave the nice dingo a pat. The dingo seemed to enjoy this.

A short time later, one of the dingo’s army friends came over and told me he could help me with my abduction problem. The dingo trusted him, and that was good enough for me.

Alas I was then woken up by a phone call and did not find out how the dream ended, but based on the fact that I was feeling safe for the first time in the dream in the presence of the dingo and his army friend, I suspect the dream may have ended well. Either that, or it would have cut away to another semi-related scene without any sort of resolution.


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