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The aliens and the frozen lightning

There were three loud explosions outside. This is what caught my attention when I was in my lounge room stacking Lego blocks. When I went outside to investigate, I found myself out the front of my primary school, staring at a very strange sight in the middle of the road.

A strange green squiggly line which had a few small gaps in it was floating perfectly still about a metre above the road for a distance of about fifty metres. In the middle of the line, a large mass of the green line seemed to be tangled in a knot about two metres tall.

Recognising how unusual this thing was, I got out my phone and went to take a photo of it, but my phone didn’t seem to work properly. The screen was flickering and the phone was starting to display strange error messages, and eventually shut off. When I got a bit closer to the green thing, I worked out why my phone was having trouble as I could feel the electricity coming from it.

The strange green object was frozen lightning.

I decided at this time to turn the radio on (which seemed to work despite the electromagnetic interference) to see if there were any other reports of this object as I thought the one I saw was responsible for one of the loud bangs I had heard, and there had to be two more objects to account for the other two bangs. When I turned the radio on, there was a breaking news bulletin about the arrival of aliens, and I thought it was a re-run of The War Of The Worlds so I walked home.

When I got home, the news of the alien arrival was still on the radio, so I turned the TV on and saw that the story was also getting a run there, so I muted the TV and synchronised the radio coverage with the TV. The aliens were just starting to address the world and announced that they had arrived to solve the frozen lightning problem. Without giving it much thought I came to the conclusion this was very kind of them and went back to stacking Lego while keeping the TV and radio on.

A little while later, at 5pm, the breaking news coverage was cut off on the radio by the scheduled airing of US radio show Coast To Coast AM, which specialises in conspiracy theories and aliens. An expert in alien technology was being interviewed about the arrival of the aliens and seemed very concerned as he believed the frozen lightning was a weapon which had been tested by a secret new world government, and rather than fixing it, the aliens had arrived to steal it and obliterate the earth.

I gave it a few moments of thought and considered that it might be possible, and continued to stack the Lego.

At this point I awoke from the dream…I fear that I may never find out if the aliens were really here to help us or wipe us out.


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