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Twitter Updates for 2012-10-01

  • I know it's still three weeks away, but my gut feeling on the ACT Election is LIB 9, LAB 7, GRN 1. Maybe 10-6-1, but not predicting it yet. #
  • As I walk around Reid this morning, I'm enjoying the lovely scent of wood fires. Very happy that @CanberraLibs have promised to unban them. #
  • @coffeyn But Albanese IS doing something worthwhile by boycotting Alan Jones' show. Giving us all sweet relief from the sound of his voice. in reply to coffeyn #
  • @rglover702 Hadley (live) and Jones (highlights) consistently rate #1 in 9am-12pm in Canberra. Does well elsewhere too. Pollies can't ignore in reply to rglover702 #
  • @rglover702 Agree that being scared of one broadcaster is silly, but to think part of their audience can't be won over is political suicide. in reply to rglover702 #
  • @AlboMP Boycotting AJ show robs you of an audience. No matter how staunch, some can always be convinced. Appearing does not mean agreeing. in reply to AlboMP #
  • @rglover702 True, and in Canberra at least Jones does reach a lot as opposed to just TSL. You're right that there are bigger audiences… in reply to rglover702 #
  • @rglover702 …but is it wise to write off any presenter's audience? Talk in particular attracts a lot of people who disagree with the host. in reply to rglover702 #
  • @coffeyn well it's their loss. Regardless of the host, the audience is always the prize, and it can always be won to some extent. in reply to coffeyn #
  • @zozstar That's right. Every time there's one of these boycotts, many others want a part of the controversy-induced larger audience. in reply to zozstar #
  • The Australian government is so fast and efficient. It's October, and they've only just sent me a notice about something they did on July 11 #
  • @Lisa_Wilkinson @vanonselenp @bandannawriter On 2UE this morning, @morrison954 said "that topic isn't banned here". Thought that was why. in reply to Lisa_Wilkinson #
  • I guarantee that any politician who has been on Alan Jones' show and is now boycotting it, will want to go on again come election time. #
  • Next Kochie'll be commentating AFL on 7 RT @Peter_Mitchell7: Seven's Sunrise host David Koch is set to become Port Adelaide's new President. #

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