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Twitter Updates for 2012-09-17

  • RT @2CC: #ACT Liberals's Zed Seselja promises to inject an extra $1 million into Canberra's street sweeping program #
  • If you want to better justify the $1m street sweeper increase @ZedMLA have the sweepers look out for & report damaged roads & potholes @2CC in reply to 2CC #
  • @Joe_Hildebrand Nice job on TT tonight calling BS on the claims that the violence was somehow justified. Good work Joe. #
  • @Joe_Hildebrand I'd call BS on the claim by that the mother of the sign-holding kid couldn't read English. She took the photo for a reason. #
  • @TodayTonight If Muslims or anyone else can not accept freedom of speech, then they are incompatible with our society. #TodayTonight in reply to TodayTonight #
  • @TodayTonight The appropriate response to free speech is more free speech, not violence. Violent protestors are not welcome. #TodayTonight in reply to TodayTonight #
  • @St_KiKi @joe_hildebrand Haha, not today, but I think there was one some time ago. in reply to St_KiKi #
  • It really doesn't matter what my excuse is; it doesn't change the fact that I am sitting here watching Home & Away 🙁 #
  • @JodieMarq Of course I should change channel, but it's so appalling that it's compelling. One can't help but see how much worse it can get. in reply to JodieMarq #
  • @JodieMarq Yep, and the characters seem to have such a lack of mental aptitude that I bet they'd all vote for Gillard and Milne. in reply to JodieMarq #
  • @JodieMarq Come to think of it, I wouldn't be surprised to find them fraudulently on an electoral roll somewhere… in reply to JodieMarq #
  • Not unless they want to. RT @2CC: Should YouTube remove the anti-Islam video? Vote in the 2CC poll #canberra #2cc #
  • @2cc I do not believe that YouTube should be forced to remove the video by law or force. They should choose as it's their website. #
  • @2cc If I was in charge of YouTube, I would not remove the video, but I would add a note that I believe it to be part of an Al Qaeda plot. #

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