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Welcome back John

An email to 2UE’s John Kerr, who has just returned from holidays

Good morning John and welcome back.

I hope you had a good break. I know you only took two weeks off but it's amazing how long your breaks seem when you're only normally on for two days per week anyway. It feels like you've been away for a month! Anyway, it's wonderful to have you back. Thank you for your Christmas card too…I hope you got my card before you went away, but if not and you've only just received it, that's OK, I'm just eleven months early!

I would ring to say hello, but I've been a bit unwell for the last few days and I don't think my voice would hold up on the phone.

You mentioned Malcolm Turnbull earlier and you said that you don't think we hear enough of him. I have to disagree to an extent as it really depends on which Malcolm Turnbull we are hearing from. I'm not partial to hearing from the Malcolm Turnbull who is still bitter about losing the Liberal leadership and supports an emissions trading scheme, but thankfully we have heard much less of this Malcolm Turnbull recently. I do quite like hearing from the Malcolm Turnbull who focuses his many skills on helping the Coalition to advance their agenda and hammer the government's many odd plans…he is particularly effective in slamming the silly National Broadband Network, and I was very happy to hear him say that the government "could not sell fresh fish to starving seals" and, I think for the first time, support Tony Abbott as a viable option for the role of Prime Minister. I hope to hear more of this Malcolm Turnbull and hope to one day see this Malcolm Turnbull in a senior cabinet position of a Tony Abbott-led government.

A belated Happy New Year!
Samuel Gordon-Stewart

It should be noted that Malcolm Turnbull also made a few other observations about our inept federal government which are worth repeating.

“Wayne Swan on the other hand always radiates anxiety and uncertainty and a lack of confidence.
“Now no matter how good the message he has to deliver he always appears to be somewhere between uncertain and slightly terrified.”
Mr Turnbull said it is “unfair and inaccurate” to say that people have yet to see Opposition Leader Tony Abbott as a credible prime minister.
“Tony is clearly seen as a credible, viable alternative prime minister because the party that he leads is well ahead in the polls.

h/tNews Limited and AAP

I hope that this is a new leaf for Malcolm Turnbull and that he continues to support his party, because he can be very very effective in parliament and in government as long as he doesn’t spend his time undermining his team.

January 7th, 2012 at 01:23am


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