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Paul Henry coming to Ten’s Breakfast

If Sunrise and Today are cereal, and ABC News Breakfast is toast with soy-bean butter, then Ten’s new breakfast show might just be bacon and eggs: worthwhile and not ashamed to not fit the notion of a “healthy and balanced breakfast”. OK, so I’m stretching the analogy a bit too thin (like Vegemite…oops, sorry) but I am quite pleased to see that the Ten Network’s entry in to the adult Breakfast Television market will contain New Zealand broadcaster Paul Henry who, until recently, hosted a similar show on New Zealand television.

Paul is a controversial figure, but seems to be unafraid to say what he thinks. Given the current state of free speech in this country, this could be just what the doctor ordered.

I have been wondering for a while what Ten have been planning with their new show, as there really is no room for yet another Sunrise or Today. Those two barely have enough room for each other. ABC News 24 has carved out its own niche in both being more news focussed than Today and Sunrise, and also stealing the left-wing audience from Radio National. I was thinking that Ten’s show might try being heavily news focussed in an effort to take some of the ABC audience and starve Sunrise and Today of the viewers who actually care about the news but won’t watch ABC News…instead I think they’re going one better, news with solid opinions to back it up.

Given that Andrew Bolt works for the Ten Network and MTR1377’s future remains under a large cloud of confusion, I wonder what the chances are that Andrew will make regular appearances on Ten’s Breakfast. I would love to see Paul and Andrew host the show (it won’t happen, but I’d like to see it)…I’m sure that the people at Ten who deal with viewer complaints would dread such a thing, but I reckon it would set a record for ratings of a breakfast television show.

Another option, and Ten, please consider this, is to borrow what NBC Today does. They use David Gregory, the despicable “moderator” of NBC’s Meet The Depressed as a political analyst, giving him seemingly endless amounts of time to opine on matters of…uh…something (sorry, I struggle to stay awake through his editorials and I find myself yelling loudly at him whenever he interviews anyone) and Ten could do something similar with Bolt, albeit something much more interesting seeing as Bolt is infinitely more interesting than David Gregory. My proposal is that Ten’s Breakfast could use Andrew Bolt, “host of The Bolt Report” as their resident political analyst, opining on the matters of the day. It would be a bit like the “Kings of Talkback” segment on Sunrise, except that the hosts of the show would actually be paying attention…and I can imagine some great conversations between Paul Henry and Andrew Bolt.

Anyway, as sent by our good friend Padders over at The Right Aussie, here’s a fun clip of Paul Henry on breakfast television in New Zealand during the utterly bizarre “Maori Language Week”.

And here’s a highlight which gave me a good laugh.

I hope we get to see plenty of Paul at his best when he joins Australian television next year.


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2CC change their phone number

2CC, Canberra’s commercial talk radio station, have changed their open line number to something a bit more reminiscent of their on-air identity. The old 6255 4444 is gone, replaced with 6255 1206, a nod to their frequency, 1206 kHz.

This isn’t the first time 2CC have changed their phone number. In fact it has changed three times in the last fifteen years. Originally 2CC used 11611 as their open line number having somehow managed to retain it despite Canberra moving beyond five-digit phone numbers. Eventually (it may have been during the change from seven to eight digit phone numbers in 1997, but I thought it was later) 2CC changed to 6255 6666, and later on in the early 2000s they changed to 6255 4444. At the time of that change I was jokingly told that it was because a Feng Shui expert told them to do it.

It is nice to see the number change to something a tad more logical, especially given that 2CC’s sister station 1053 2CA has had both 6241 1053 and 6242 1053 for yonks. Hopefully the new number serves them well for a long time to come.


November 8th, 2011 at 03:13am

When “transparency” backfires: The tender process that just won’t provide the preferred outcome

I don’t understand this one any more. The federal government is clearly intent on awarding the next contract for the operation of the Australia Network to the ABC, but is also so hopelessly intent on pretending to be following correct processes that it has yet again changed the rules in the hope that the inferior bid of the ABC will somehow be declared the winner.

The Government has terminated the tender process to find a new operator for the Australia Network due to “significant leaks” relating to the contract to run the broadcaster.

The communications minister Senator Stephen Conroy announced the decision to terminate the process late on Monday afternoon, saying the process had been compromised to such a degree that a fair outcome could not be achieved. A decision will now be made by March next year, he said.

Of course when Conroy says “fair outcome” he actually means “giving the contract to the ABC because those people at Sky will corrupt the Asians with a ‘Bob Brown’s hate media’ view of my inept government”.

Recently, the Government requested that the Australian Federal Police investigate developments surrounding the tender including the leaks, according to a report in The Australian Financial Review. That request came after The Australian published a story claiming that Sky News had been nominated as the preferred tenderer for a second time.

(h/t Media Spy’s bacco|007)

Yes, that’s right, a second time. The last time Sky News were about to win, the government changed the rules as well. Back to July goes the time machine…

Doubts have emerged about the tender process to determine who will run the Australia Network, after it emerged that the Federal Government sidestepped an independent assessment that Sky News would be better placed to run the broadcaster.

Fairfax newspapers report today that Sky News’ bid was originally favoured over the ABC’s offer by a majority of the public servants charged with overseeing the process. But the panel’s role was effectively ditched after the Government made a late decision to modify the rules governing the tender.

(h/t Media Spy’s Cyril Washbrook)

This all reminds me of the good (aka bad) old days of the ACT Government under the leadership of then-Chief Turnip Jon Stanhope where every decision went to a “public consultation” where people who could be bothered going along to the consultation sessions were promptly ignored and ridiculed by the government officials in attendance, and the government just went ahead with its own plans anyway.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that a Labor/Greens federal government is using the tricks of a Labor/Greens territory government…I just wish that if they were going to do stuff regardless of the outcome of reviews/consultations/committees/etc that they would just do it instead of wasting money on the reviews/consultations/committees/etc, but then who would they pass the blame to when it all goes badly? Oh, of course, Tony Abbott, just like she did with the boat people policy when they fell in a giant steaming heap, and didn’t the opinion polls absolutely love her for that?

Julia, just give up and call an election. It’s clear that you have no idea how to govern…just let us elect someone else, please!


November 8th, 2011 at 02:45am


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