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Horse Park Drive accidents this morning

I know how quickly these things can spread, so I’m going to clarify this one now to avoid any possible unnecessary confusion, concern or alarm.

Yes, there was a serious accident on Horse Park Drive in the early hours of this morning. No, it wasn’t mine.

I did run off the road while avoiding a kangaroo on Horse Park Drive in the wee hours and my car has sustained some damage which is now the insurance company’s problem, however I was unharmed in the incident, thankfully. I expected the whole thing to end very badly, and given the location and exact events, it could have been much much worse, so I’m thankful and lucky. The short version is that, in the process of avoiding the kangaroo, my car slid off the other side of the road, turned 180 degrees and skidded backwards for quite some distance through the grass and bushes, somehow (thankfully) avoiding the larger bushes and trees.

I feel very sorry for the people involved in an accident on the same road about an hour or two after me, as detailed by the Emergency Services Agency:

5:45am Saturday 19 March 2011 – Serious motor vehicle accident in Gungahlin ACT Ambulance Service and ACT Fire Brigade are on scene at a single vehicle accident on Horsepark Drive Gungahlin.

Intensive care paramedics are treating a total of three patients including one trapped by confinement in the wreckage.

Firefighters are currently working to free the person.

6:15am Saturday 19 March 2011 – Update – Serious motor vehicle accident in Gungahlin Firefighters have extricated a male from the wreckage following a two car collision not single vehicle as first thought.

He is being treated for suspected chest and leg injuries.

Two other females patients from the same car have been stablised on scene by intensive care paramedics with suspected abdominal injuries.

All three patients will be transported to the Canberra Hospital in a serious condition.

The occupant or occupants of the second vehicle left the scene before ambulance and fire brigade arrived.

I would be interested to know where exactly on this road the accident occurred as mine occurred in the stretch of road which has been rather poorly resurfaced recently, creating a very loose and somewhat slippery surface…not good for avoiding animals on a road which is notorious for crazy wildlife.

My thoughts and prayers are with the people involved in the serious crash. It is certainly not a good morning for that road.


March 19th, 2011 at 07:48am

Pauline Hanson’s preferences

Good Morning John,

One of your callers asked about Pauline Hansin’s distribution of preferences. Well the short answer is that they’re not going anywhere.

The longer answer is that the NSW upper house preferences work differently to federal senate preferences in that candidates can not choose how an above the line vote’s preferences are distributed. In NSW, the above the line vote only goes directly to the candidate or party to whom the voter placed the number in the box.

If your caller wishes to vote for Ms. Hanson, she can either do so above the line and have her vote go only to Ms. Hanson, or she can vote below the line and distribute her preferences to whomever she likes. Ms. Hanson will have no control over the flow of her preferences.

I hope this helps.

By the way, you said last week that Tom Wards might be retiring and that you would check this with him this week. What did he say? Is he retiring? If he is, I know that he will be greatly missed from your show by many people.

Have a wonderful day.

Regards, Samuel Gordon-Stewart Canberra

March 19th, 2011 at 02:53am


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