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The need for a serious laugh…

With the US midterm elections coming up in less than a week (and yes, I have much that I want and perhaps need to say on this subject), it’s a good time for a serious laugh on the matter. So let’s play a quick round of “Real Or Fake?”. Good luck!


October 28th, 2010 at 12:13pm

The Sydney Morning Herald

It’s funny how some days thing just seem to fall in to place. Yesterday was one of those days where everything just seemed to work the way it should. On that note, it is no surprise then that I stumbled across this blog post by lawyer Brendan Scott which perfectly describes The Sydney Morning Herald.

Every week I read it and think ā€œwell that had no information in it/that has no impact on my life, why did I waste my time reading that?ā€ (the reason is because it is there at the table.)
Moreover, they have recently shifted the format of their additional sections to be wholly tabloid. Maybe Iā€™m just being an old fogey, but I hate it, particularly the overbusy colourful design and the oft-times content free infographics. This is on top of the typos that now dot the paper following their decision to get rid of copy editors.

With the exception of some of their media stories and their Monday TV guide (yes, my household still likes the printed weekly TV guide), I wholeheartedly agree with Brendan. The paper is a joke. It’s no wonder, considering its close ties with The Age and The Guardian.

If you’re wondering which paper is my paper of choice, it is The Australian. A paper which is more interested in the truth than most of the rest of them combined. Sure, they all have their good and bad moments, but when you weigh it all up, The Australian is the indisputable king of the Aussie newspapers.

Now, I should really compare The Weekend Australian’s TV guide with that of the Monday SMH…if I can rid this household of a regular SMH purchase, that would be beneficial.


October 28th, 2010 at 08:00am


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