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Police barricade situation in Reid

Update Thursday afternoon: Apparently I didn’t make it clear enough at the other end of this post. It’s over. All wrapped up around midnight…that’s when they all left. End Update

Police are currently surrounding the unit of a “Simon” not far from my place in Reid. A police negotiator named Carly is attempting to coax him out of the property.

Police were monitoring the property from an unmarked van for about half an hour before they decided to move in. It seems that Simon is wanted in connection with an incident this afternoon. So far, he has refused to leave the property, yelling “go away” at one point.

More as it develops.

Update 11:55pm: I can’t see it from here, but after some hiding in his cupboard (which Carly could see through the window) it sounds like Simon has been convinced to come out, much to the relief of his sister who was waiting outside. According to Carly’s announcements, whomever else was involved in Simon’s incident this afternoon, is OK. This seemed to help convince Simon that it was safe to come out and that the police would not hurt him.

It’s over, after about half an hour of standoff between Simon and the police. The armed police and surveillance vans are packing up. A good outcome. End Update


April 14th, 2010 at 11:45pm


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