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2CC and Scott McGregor at Bunnings Fyshwick

As I mentioned earlier this morning, 2CC are broadcasting from Bunnings Warehouse in Fyshwick until midday. I went down there with my inflatable Bunnings hammer and my Bunnings hat, and they appeared to be having a good time.

2CC at Bunnings Fyshwick: Pete Davidson, Graham Robinson, Karen and Garden Gurus
Pete Davidson, Graham Robinson, Karen of Bunnings Fyshwick, and the fill-in Garden Gurus

I was also pleasantly surprised to see Scott McGregor from television shows such as Better Homes and Gardens who was there to present two French polishing demonstrations.

Scott McGregor at Bunnings Fyshwick

The crowd for Scott’s 10am demonstration grew slowly over the hour, although the man eating the sausage sandwich (who also happened to have a notepad for taking notes which might be useful in his table restoration efforts) and I were there for the full demonstration.

This photo didn’t quite work, but Scott was quite energetic during the demonstration so I think it fits.

Scott McGregor at Bunnings Fyshwick

The demonstration went on for about an hour, which is probably longer than it was supposed to, but it didn’t really matter as Scott and the crowd (myself included) enjoyed it.

Scott McGregor at Bunnings Fyshwick

And by 11am, Scott had finished an abbreviated restoration and polish of the door of an old meter box.

Scott McGregor at Bunnings Fyshwick

Incidentally, Scott has just finished a documentary for the History Channel on the history of Australia Post. I don’t have access to the History Channel, but I will be buying a copy of it on DVD from Australia Post when it goes on sale. I’m looking forward to it.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the visits of some other 2CC listeners that I know. A bus driver friend turned up just after 9am, and Lillian and her husband, retired Dickson College canteen managers, turned up to see Scott McGregor after hearing about his demonstrations on 2CC. Lillian and her husband recently stayed at Scott’s “Ruwenzori” railway carriage based resort in Mudgee.


August 30th, 2008 at 12:06pm

2CC at Bunnings Warehouse Fyshwick

2CC’s Graham Robinson and the fill-in Garden Gurus are broadcasting live from Bunnings Warehouse in Fyshwick this morning. If my memory is serving me in a non-devious manner, they haven’t broadcasted from there before.

I’ve been debating for the last few days whether or not I will visit them there, and considering that I have been up since about 4:30am working on the morning sport bulletins for AIR News and upgrading WordPress and other website components, I am now too awake to go back to sleep, and I think I will pay them a visit.

The last time I went to a 2CC outside broadcast was at Bunnings Belconnen on Saturday March 15 where Mike Frame, Graham Robinson and 2CC Program Director and 2CA evening presenter Pete Davidson were in attendance. I still have the Bunnings hat and inflatable hammer I received on that occasion…I might just have to take them with me. I’ve been trying (not hard enough, obviously) to find a reason to wear the Bunnings hat…I wonder if the fact that I’ve been considering wearing this hat to Bunnings Fyshwick as part of my debate about whether or not to attend means that there is something wrong with me?

Probably not…it just means that I have too much time to think.


August 30th, 2008 at 07:27am

Bugs corrected and probably replaced by new bugs

If you were trying to read this blog over the last hour or so, you may have had some trouble as I was busy upgrading WordPress and various plugins, both of which caused minor disruptions to the normal operation of the site.

A number of you have reported problems, especially with changing your passwords, over the last few weeks. Hopefully the upgrades have fixed that, and I’m looking forward to seeing what has been newly broken by the upgrades.

As usual, any problems, let me know.


August 30th, 2008 at 07:17am


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