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Chief Minister survives no confidence motion 11-6

I ended up spending some of the afternoon at the Legislative Assembly watching the debate surrounding the no confidence motion tabled against ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope last week. In the end, the only people to support the motion were the Liberal opposition.

The Chief Minister survived the motion 11 votes to 6.

Oh well, there’s always the election on the 18th of October.


June 25th, 2008 at 06:26pm

Receptionist via video link?

From my spam folder:

From: Sid Is
Subject: Why you should never hire a receptionist

Before you hire an expensive professional receptionist . . .

Try our Remote Receptionistâ„¢ Service
for seven days, absolutely FREE!

CLICK (URL removed) for a free trial
CLICK (URL removed) for more information

or CALL (phone number removed)

Who says that the best professional receptionists have to cost a fortune?

When you use TelAssistants’ Remote Receptionist Service, we’ll put our team of top-flight, highly-trained professional receptionists to work for you. And at an extremely low cost that your small or mid-sized business can easily afford.

How do we it? Easy. Our super-qualified receptionists work remotely from our suite of offices . . . but your clients will think that they’re right outside your door. We answer the phone using your firm’s name, announce and transfer callers, and take messages or place calls in voicemail upon request.

But don’t take our word for it. Put Remote Receptionist Service to the test right now. Click (link removed) and give us a try for seven days, absolutely free, with no risk or obligation of any kind. Use your own phone number or ours. All we ask is the chance to prove that TelAssistants’ Remote Receptionist Service is the perfect answer you’ve been looking for.

IMPORTANT: Remote Receptionist Service is NOT an impersonal answering service or a anonymous call center. Our mission is to provide highly personalized receptionist services to clients who require the highest standards of professionalism no matter where they’re working. (link removed) and put us to the test, risk free.

Today, it doesn’t matter where your receptionist sits – in your office or in ours. All that counts is that you get exceptional service and professionalism at an extremely affordable price. Our Remote Receptionist Service delivers this and more!

According to, “receptionist” is a noun meaning “An office worker employed chiefly to receive visitors and answer the telephone.”

It could just be me, but I don’t think having a receptionist greeting guests via video link is going to look very professional. Perhaps they will have a budget non-video-link version where they put a phone at reception with a sign pointing to it saying “To talk to receptionist, lift handset”.

I suppose it could be worse, they could have all of their “receptionists” in an Indian call centre: “Welcome and pleased be us for calling office the Mr. Andrew. Do having tell of what for you call and hold?”

Such strange offers make their way around the planet in spam emails.


June 25th, 2008 at 05:23am


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