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Spam aimed at seedy real estate investment salespeople?

A spam email:

From: Vern Brewster
Subject: Easy Life

1. Find a girl
2. Invite her to your appartments
3. Use subject product V (or C)
4. Have fun
5. Take her number
6. Profit?

This is followed by a link which I’m not going to repeat here…but on the assumption that the poorly spelled “appartments” is supposed to be plural, and the final step involves profit, I can only assume that this is a strange invitation to show a girl a bunch of apartments, force an illegal substance on her, make her buy the apartments by taking her number (credit card number) and then skip the country with the money before the credit card company initiate a chargeback.

Very odd.


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Well that’s karma for you…

For those of you who have been having trouble reaching this website since about 8:30 this morning, it would appear that karma caught up with me and decided that once the power was restored in Mitchell and Kaleen, I had to be punished for enjoying 2CC’s endeavours in the darkness of a power outage by having my hosting provider’s network go “wonky” (as Clive Robertson would most likely say).

Of course, the fact that I work there (I may have resigned but I’m still in my notice period) and was part of the team dealing with many customers who were also affected by the wonky network just made Dr. Karma so much happier.

For slightly more details of the wonky network, see


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Power Failure in Mitchell and Kaleen

There is currently a power failure in Mitchell and Kaleen. ActewAGL hope to have the power back on by about 8:30am.

Update 8:30am: Power has been restored. ActewAGL are blaming an accident on the corner of Hoskins Street and Sandford Street in Mitchell for the outage. End Update

Since 2CC got back on the air just after the 7:30 news was replaced by the emergency tape version of The Carpenters, Mike Jeffreys and Jason Morrison have been having a rather amusing conversation. It’s almost a pity that they’ve gone to a sensible conversation, although they did manage to get the SMS system back online and listener opinions have been fairly evenly divided whether to continue the rambling or have a sensible conversation…the “no music” opinion has been quite unanimous though.

Update 7:58am: Of course Greens MLA Dr. Deb Foskey would be on to talk about carbon rationing during a power failure. Goodness knows what the buzzing noise on the phone line was just when Mike and Deb seemed to be agreeing on the subject of energy efficient houses. “That’s an interesting noise” said Dr. Foskey. All things considered, she took the whole “we’re running on backup power and I can see the time if I point a torch at the clock” thing quite well.

Just a thought, will the satellite receiver work on emergency power? If not Steve Price might be missing a station today. He has already missed his usual chat with Mike at 7:55. End Update

Update 8:15am: Even though I can rarely ever get words right in text messages, I sent 2CC a text message: “2cc no carpenters, but you can croon if you like. Hang in there mike, this is great entertainment from this end of the radio. Samuel”. Mike believes that I just like it because it’s unusual and has put everyone at the radio station in an odd position…well yes, but I also like the fact that this is live, almost completely unplanned radio, and there are a number of people with a good sense of humour keeping the ball rolling. Perhaps I should have suggested that this is precisely why we need to new power station near Hume. End Update


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