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Samuel’s VOIPathon continues

I am now also registered with Firefly, an australian based VOIP service.

Firefly: 88854854 (Which has an official wording of “Double eight, eight five four, eight five four”)…I can think of one person who is going to be unhappy that I took that particular number, but it is nice and easy to remember and I like it!)
Skype: smoothwallsamuel


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Your chance to meet Samuel

If you have some amazing desire to meet me, then by all means come along to the Dickson College open night, 7PM Thursday (9th June 2005)…I’ll be there, not quite sure where though.

I do know that I will start off in the hall with everybody else, but as the night goes on I may be at the VET (Vocational Education and Training) stand in the canteen, or I might be up in the IT corridor, or perhaps down in the library…if you want to come and need help recognising me, print a copy of my photo on my profile

Anyway, it should be a great night, whether you are deciding on a college, seeing what this college thing is all about or just want to meet me…

For a tiny bit more detail about the open night see
For a map of where the college is (and directions from your location to the college) see


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Miracle food for crazy people

Well, according to the latest crazy person I have heard from (they were babbling and I was nearby) it is quite possible to feed yourself in India for $4 per week.

I don’t know what this miracle food is or where to buy it, but it could be the answer to world hunger….so the challenge is on, invent the miracle “$4 per week” food.


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A picture of Steppy

Yes, you guessed it, I have named the pedometer “Steppy”.


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Samuel’s Stepometer

Ahhh yes, the stepometer, which has been made possible by the pedometer that fell out of a coco pops box earlier this year…it is kinda cheap and rattles, but under enough layers of clothing you can’t really hear or notice it.

Anyway, on with the stats:
Steps: 6927
Distance: 4.675725 KM (approx)

The steps are probably slightly out because the bus I catch has a few bumps which may artificially increase the step count, and the distance has been worked out based on my average stride of 67.5cm per step.

Also note that this is from the portion of the day that I spend away from home, the pedometer comes off at home because it drives me insane with that rattle unless I wear a coat…which isn’t always comfortable in a heated room.


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